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When I close my eyes to sleep,
I see your image and I weep
Your beauty lingers in my dreams
I know now what perfection means.

How could I tell with just a kiss,
that a Goddess could exist
Your lips so smooth, a perfect shape.
I took your breathe I could not escape

I heard your heart beat in my soul
A music that I could not control
I played it over in my head,
remembering words last you said
For you professed your love to me,
No closer to heaven I could be
Nothing now could come between us
You are perfection, you are my Venus

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Patrice has the most beautiful graphics all made by Patrice herself. I love the page dedicated to her husband John, the poetry is awesome, I have started using Patrice's graphics, they are magnificent like this lady on the page

The music on this page was made by Joerg, you can visit his site to get loads of music from all genres

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