If Only Life was This Easy

If Only Life Were This Easy
I would look like a Happy Duck Too

* If you messed up your life, you could press "Ctrl, Alt, Delete"
and start all over!

* To get your daily exercise, just click on "run";
If you needed a break from life, click on suspend.

* Hit "any key" to continue life when ready.

* To get even with the neighbors, turn up the sound blaster.

* To add/remove someone in your life, click settings and control panel.

* To improve your appearance, just adjust the display settings.

* If life gets too noisy, turn off the speakers.

* When you lose your car keys, click on find.

* "Help" with the chores is just a click away.

* Auto insurance wouldn't be necessary.
You would use your diskette to recover from a crash.

* And, we could click on "SEND NOW"
and a Pizza would be on it's way!

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