1. He's going to the hospital for a minor operation - they're putting a brain in.
2. The only thing that can stay in her head for more than an hour is a cold.
3. It takes her an hour to cook Minute rice.
4. She does not dare be lost in thought; She'll be a total stranger there.
5. He is an M.D. - Mentally deficient.
6. Too bad they donít sell toupees with brains in them.
7. The only way he'll lose a lot of fat, is to cut his head off.
8. He has a brain, but it has not reached his head yet.
9. He was born stupid, and lately he's had a relapse.
10. He's full of 'brotherly love' He stops anyone who's beating a donkey.
11. He's the living proof of reincarnation; No one could be as dumb as he in one lifetime.
12. She has a 'photographic mind,' but nothing develops.
13. What he lacks in intelligence he makes up in Stupidity.
14. The breakfast room of a honeymoon hotel isn't as vacant as his head.
15. She has a heart of gold and a brain of pure 'meringue'.
16. She has a 40 Inch Bust with an I.Q. to match
17. If there's an idea in his head, its in 'solitary confinement.'
18. He was in one class so long, the other pupils used to bring him apples, thinking he was the teacher.
19. He goes through life believing, everything. It saves him from thinking.
20. The job interviewer said to him, "yes we do have an opening for you, & donít slam the door on the way out.
21. The Parker Pen Co. should invent a 'Sucker Fountain Pen' for him - one that runs dry when it comes to signing on the dotted line.
22. If you want to point out a concrete example, ask him to remove his hat.
23. He kept learning more & more about less & less, until now he knows everything about nothing.
24. She was asked if she liked Kipling and she answered "I don't know I have never kippled".
He returned a Louis XIV bed because it was too small, and asked for a Louis XV.

By L.Safian

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