NICKNAMES (with a Twist)

1. They call her 'ALICE': her German parents took one look at her and said, Das ist Alles!"

2. They call her 'AMAZON': she's so big at the mouth.

3. They call her 'APPENDIX': the fellows take her out once - thatís enough.

4. They call him 'ARCHEOLOGIST': his career lies in ruins.

5. They call her 'A.T.& T': she is always talking.

6. They call him 'BANANA': he is always getting skinned.

7. They call him 'CEMETRY': he is always so GRAVE.

8. They call him 'CORK': his mouth is always at the mouth of a bottle.

9. They call her 'DUSTY': She has been on the shelf for a very long time.

10. They call him 'FIREMAN': everyone tells him to go to blazes.

11. They cal him 'LIBERTY BELL': He is half cracked.

12. They call her 'LILY': she always goes out with the dead ones.

13. They call him 'MICROSCOPE': he magnifies everything.

14. They call her 'MOON': she is out all night

15. They call him 'HARPIST': he pulls strings to get ahead.

16. They call him 'JIGSAW': when faced with a problem, he goes to pieces.

17. They call him 'MORTICIAN': life to him is GRAVE UNDERTAKING

18. They call him 'PSYCHIATRIST': he is always trying to get a girl on a couch.

19. They call him 'SURRNEDER': you take one look at him and want to give up.

20. They call her 'WINDOW DRESSER': she never pulls down the shade while dressing.

by L.Safian

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