1. For years now, she's been planning a runaway marriage with her boyfriend,
but every time they plan, he runs away.

2. She prays every night, "Dear Lord I donít ask a thing for myself,
Just send my parents a son in law.

3. Even at a charity ball, fellows don't ask her to dance.

4. She's not like some girls who rush into marriage-
she's waiting for someone to ask her.

5. She is having a disagreement with her fiance. She wants a big church wedding -
and he doesn't want to get married.

6. His father wanted a boy and his mother wanted a girl,
they are both satisfied.

7. He asked a girl for "just three little words that will make me walk on air",
She obliged him with "Go hang yourself".

8. He says he can marry any girl he pleases.
The Trouble is, he doesn't please anybody.

9. For years he's been looking for a girl who's tall and willowy,
Now he'll settle for one who's short and willing.

10. The boys donít call her attractive, nor do they call her homely,
they just donít call her.

11. With those low-cut dresses it's obvious she's out to catch a man,
but all she catches is a cold.

12. She was two thirds married once, She was there, the Minister was there,
but the Groom did not show up.

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