Till The End Of Time

I had 'The perfect day', I did all I was supposed to do,
Then I dedicated the rest of my day, to thinking of You, and us.
It makes me so happy to think that my prayer was finally answered.
I have always wanted to have a partner
who I could give my whole self to,
I wanted to share my life with someone,
who I could give my mind body and soul to,
and someone who would love me back in the same way.

Since I thought this was too 'tremendous a need'.
I decided to leave it to destiny, and not pursue the dream.
I lived my life in a very composed and seemingly content way,
but I always had this one wish at the 'core of my being'.
Knowing all along that one day, it would happen,
and that I will know it instantly.
It happened, one evening as I least expected it to,
You came into my life, out of the blue, from thousands of miles away.
From the moment we spoke, I knew that You were the person ,
who I was meant to give my love to, for the rest of my life.

This promise I make to You
with every ounce of integrity that I have in Me.
I will love you, adore you, honor you, and be your best friend
and partner till the last breath I take.
I will trust you, nurture you and do all I can to make you content.
I will be there for you 'darling', till the end of time.
I will always be yours to have and to hold.
Till Death Do Us Part.

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