Submitted for your approval: DBZ stories created by the fans! Enjoy these masterpeices and submit your own to Me if you have them!

For those of you submitting work, here are some guidelines:

Vegeta's Dream
by: Goturuge

Enemies and Freinds and a little bit of romance
by: Rachel

by: Rachel

Gohan's Victory
by: Shadowlong

Soul of a Saiyajin
by: Ava Jamshidnejad

Vegeta vs. Roshi
by: Jaxx

Vegeta's last hour
by: TitantiaRose

The Unloyal Slave
by: Chibi Vegeta

Gokou & Gokou?
by: Kud

DragonBall AS
by: Pan & Super 18

by: Chrono

Hell on Earth
by: Benjamin Ure

Alien Competition
by: Brandini87

Seventeen: Gleaming Chrome Budokai
by: Syrieh

The cast of DBZ in Jerry Springer
by: GoldenOozaru

Vegeta vs...
by: GoldenOozaru

Ultima Virtues
by: Xelit

by: Rheannon

Majin Cell
by: Crystal Gryphon

But she was happy
by: spbulma

You say I'm not your friend
by: spbulma

Farewell, my love
by: spbulma

Against all odds
by: Saiyana Videl

Super Fusion
by: Piccolo 920

The Extreme Saiyan
by: Unknown

A New Beginning
by: leo

The Wrong Ones to know Fusion
by: Lil Phil

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