Take me home, mate!
Take me home, mate!

Lay down and relax a little.
Hi there! On this page you will find....everything! I thought it would be helpful to let everyone see an explaination of all the pages on my site. That way you know where you wanna go and which page has the information you're looking for. Sound good? Let's get to it then!

Last Updated: 10 July 2012.
~*~Links Of The Land~*~

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About Me: Wanna know about who made this wacky, overly-obsessive site? Here's your chance! [Very out-dated.]

Lisa's Tumblr: This is my Tumblr where share a bunch of my current obsessions!

Lisa's FaceBook: This is my Facebook where I store a lot of my thoughts and ramblings!

Lisa's Memory Palace: Check out the other Experience sites and sites that I've made!

Guest Book: Sign this, when you get a chance, so I know you enjoyed your stay. This is the new HTML-capable Guest Book.

Old Guest Book Entries: I put the old Guest Book entries on this page so they can be viewed.

Richard Dawson FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions about Richard.

What's New?: This is the place to go to find out what new additions I've made to the site. Whenever I add something, I write about it on this page, so be sure to check it out often.

My Comments: On the Main page, I often put up a comment of my own, just to reflect on the topic of our loveable Richard. If you missed one of the comments, you can go to this page and see them.

Goodies: Basically....a page of ODDS-n-ends. The weirder of the links go here, mixed with a few not-so-weird ones. Includes video clips and animations!

Richard Links: All the glorious links that I've spent hours and hours visiting are right here. I borrowed a lot of my photos from these people, so if you like what you see on my site, be sure to check out these wonderful Richard and Richard-related links, among other useful links that helped me in the making of my site.

Banners: Go here to see the banners to other people's sites, or to grab a banner to link to my site. Many to choose from.

Photos: A huge collection of Richard photos including rare early ones, Family Feud, Match Game, Hogan's Heroes, Tattletales, Cop Out, Laugh-In, I've Got A Secret, Movie photos, and various other ones.

Richard Sounds: Can't have quotes without a voice to go with them. You can use some of these for the perfect computer sounds. Everytime I touch something on my computer, I hear that adorable voice!

Richard Dawson Songs: Say what you must, but I think he sings very well. He may not be one of the Beatles, but he certainly is as cute as they are. Take a listen for yourself.

Richard Quotes: I can't watch Richard on Tv without hearing some witty remarks, so I jot them down and spend a lot of time rewinding my tapes to get the quotes perfect. I had to make several pages of quotes so they would all fit nicely. If you want some snappy Richard wit, take a peek at these great quotes!

Richard FanFic: Definitely NOT a place for children! But if you're older and in the mood for some late-night stories, check out this page.

Richard's Filmography: Hey, wasn't he in....? Now you can find out!

Where Is He Now?: Ah, yes. The answer to the constant question, "Is he still alive?" can be found here, among other things. By the way....no, he isn't (he passed away June 2, 2012).

Dawson Family Bios: Wanna know a little about the Dawson family? Go here and read bios on Richard, Diana, Mark, Gary, etc. Photos too!

Reviews: My personal reviews on all the shows I've seen Richard in.

Tape4Tape Trading: Tape trading page.

Things I've Seen: A list of the things I've seen that have Richard in them.

The Richard Dawson Shrine: A silly site with a few words of wisdom from The Richard.

Member Contributions: Are you a fan who wants to give a little commentary for other fans to read? Send me your little contribution (summary of Richard's life, movie summarys, etc.) and I'll put it up here for all to see. I'll put your name and link to your page as credit.

Old Poll Results: If you mised a poll on the Main page, this is where to find the old ones. Now you can see what the fans like best!

Damon Killian Tribute: Do you like Damon Killian from The Running Man? Well, I sure do (can you tell?)! This is a tribute page to him that includes some nice sounds from the movie. That page leads to a second Dmaon page which has every word of dialogue spoken by him in the movie.

Richard Dawson Anagrams: Ever wonder how many different words/phrases Richard's name spells? Then you'll like this page.

Richard Dawson's Ravishing Disco: Another result of me being bored. This is my image of the perfect Richard disco. Watch him dance the night away on the funky dance floor!

Awards: The awards I've won from other people.

I Luv Dickie Dawson: Do you love Dickie Dawson? Prove it here.

Hogan's Heroes Experience: The Cooler has all the escape routes you need to get to the other Hogan's Heroes parts of the site.

The Bob Crane Experience: My simple but heart-felt tribute page to Bob Crane.

The Werner Klemperer Experience: Tribute site to Werner Klemperer.

R.I.P. Werner: Tribute to Werner Klemperer (1920-2000).

The Robert Clary Experience: Tribute site to Robert Clary.

My Fave Photos: I borrow my photos from all the great sites out there (thank you people!) and use them as my backgrounds and such. So, instead of using them ALL, I put a few of my most favourite photos up here, with little personal comments to go along with them.

Wavey Richard: With the use of a small java script code, I have produced my very own....Wavey Richard! Watch him ripple like water! Doesn't work on Netscape though.

YourName@richard-dawson-luvs.every1.net: Get your own eMail account here!

Help Save Lives: We all know how thoughtful and helpful Richard is, now let's give a little help ourselves.

Tv Schedule: Find out what shows Richard will be on each month, plus little comments to go along with the listings.

Retro Richard: Lava lamp and swirls produce a few facts and photos of Richard.

FanMail: Address to write to Richard.

Family Feud 25: Tribute page with small essay. Includes photos from the FF25 special commercials and photos from the special itself, aired 22 July 2001 on Gameshow Network.

Fave Photos Of The Moment Past: On the Main page, I put up my Fave Photo of the Moment. This is where all the old ones go.

Richard Dawson Bump'im Stickers and License Plates for laughs. Use one on your site, but link back to my main page.

Richard Dawson Animations from various shows.

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