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Where Is He Now?  
? Where Is He Now ?

Richard is ALIVE and lives in Beverly Hills with his wife Gretchen and their daughter Shannon.  He narrated Tv's Funniest Gameshow Moments in early 2000.  Hosted the Thansksgiving Day Family Feud marathon, which was filmed in 1995 and aired November 23rd, 2000. He's 70.

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Richard & Shannon
Richard & Shannon
Background Information:

Birth Name: Colin Emm.
*Born 20 November 1932 in Gosport, England.
*Parents were Arthur (moving van driver) and Josephine (amunitions factory labourer).
*Half-bother, John.
*Joined the Merchant Marines at age 14 & boxed during that time.
*Played Corporal Peter Newkirk in Hogan's Heroes 1965-1971.
*Regular on Laugh-In for it's last two years.
*Frequent panelist on I've Got A Secret.
*Panelist on Match Game 1973-1978.
*Hosted Masquerade Party in 1974.
*Hosted Family Feud 1976-1985.
*Co-starred in The Running Man in 1987 as Damon Killian.
*Hosted the 3rd incarnation of Family Feud in 1994 at age 62.
*Became a U.S. citizen in 1984.
*Made at least $3.5 million a year on Family Feud.
*Made $1.8 million a year on Match Game.
*Smoked Marlboro Lights 100's and Benson & Hedges Ultra Lights 100's cigarettes.

Richard on the Diana Dors Show
Richard on The Diana Dors Show

Richard in 1967
Richard in 1967

Richard ob Match Game '74
Richard on Match Game '74

Wife #1:

Diana Dors :
Born- Diana Mary Fluck;  23 October 1931 - 4 May 1984.
Met-  Late 1950's.
Married-  12 April 1959 while in New York, for an appearance on The Steve Allen Show, in singer Fran Warren's apartment.
Kids-  Mark in 1960; Gary in 1962.
Seperated- 1964.
Divorced- 1967.

Richard & Diana in 1959
Richard & Diana in 1959

Diana & Richard on Honeymoon
Diana & Richard on Honeymoon

Wife #2:

Gretchen Johnson :
Met-  Gretchen & her family were contestants on Family Feud on 6 April 1981 when she was 27.
Married-  1991.
Kids-  Shannon Nicole in 1990.

Richard, Gretchen & Shannon
Richard, Gretchen & Shannon

Richard & Gretchen in 1981
Richard & Gretchen in 1981

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