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Hello there! Welcome to my About Me page. Maybe you sent me a message and I sent you here to save some time. This is where you can find out about what I like, what I wanna do with my life, where you can find me online, and a lot more. So....let's get started. Enjoy your stay and feel free to check out the other links. Some of them might take a few minutes to load depending on the amount of graphics. Especially the Links Of My Favour page. PLEASE read at least some of the facts about me before you eMail me or send me an Instant Message asking a bunch of questions. I don't wanna sound mean, but I get a lot of people asking the same questions that I went out of my way to answer here and in my profiles. Thanks!

Me-September 1999-California

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Age: 26.
Born In: Manistee, Michigan.
Live In: Baltimore, Maryland.
Eyes: Blue. Two of them.
Hair: Shoulder-length, brown.
Height: 5'10".
Weight: 150. Could lose a few tummy pounds though.

Clothes: I usually wear things like t-shirts and jeans, or those loose spandex pants. I have a lot of bell-bottoms that I love. Flannels for those chilly days.

Self-Image: Shy. Low self-esteem, I guess from being teased in school so much for being quiet and keeping to myself. You just can't please anyone these days. *grin* I have a problem getting close to people, but eventually, with some patience on their part, I open up.

Relationship: Don't have a boyfriend, and I'm not looking. I think he'll come along one day, and I'll know he's right. Someone who isn't in a rush and will be patient with me, cos I've never had a serious relationship. But I haven't noticed any bad side-effects from that. *twitch*

On or Off: I like talking to people online. Lots of people ask to meet me in person, but that's not my thing. I do have some people I talk to online that I would meet, only because I've talked to them for awhile and I feel that they're safe, and not psychos, haha. Don't be offended by me saying "no" cos it isn't you, it's me. I don't like committments to people. If I start hanging out with someone, and I decide I don't feel like it all the time, I still feel obligated whether I wanna hang out or not. I give in to make them happy, and it never ends.

eMail Addresses (in order of usage): OckGal@comcast.net, OckGal@hotmail.com.

Yahoo! Names/Profiles (in order of usage): otto_octavius_ock, python_phan_duckie, tinny_and_odd, bobcrane101, i_luv_richard_dawson, elwood_aykroyd, bobcrane101, gene_hackman_fan, richard_damon_killian_dawson, richard_dawson_damon_newkirk_fan, shatner_de_nimoy.

AIM (in order of usage): OttoOctaviusOck, SplungePenguin, DudleyMoore66, TINNYnODD, Dr Fell Dr Lecter, Dan Elwood Blues and Hans Rumplemeyer. I use AOL so I have Instant Messenger anyway, but I also have AIM, so I can be on more than one name at a time.

Website: The Richard Dawson Experience is my pride and joy at the moment. I have spent a lot of my online time working on this site and it's my best known and most successful one, and also it's sister site, RiChArD DaWsOn ExPeRiEnCe Yahoo! club. I am a huge Anthony Hopkins aka Hannibal Lecter fan and spend a lot of time working on my Plum Island - Anthony Hopkins site. And I gotta mention my love for Dan Aykroyd aka Elwood Blues aka Ray Stantz and my tribute to him at The Dan Aykroyd Experience. Currently, I'm spending a lot of time keeping up my websites about Gene Hackman, Dudley Moore and even more recently, Nathan Lane (my main interest at the moment!). I also started a site about Michael Caine. And if you're a fan, or curious about the guy who plays Doc Ock in Spider-Man 2, check out my new Alfred Molina site, complete with an Alfred fanlisting, a Doc Ock fanlisting and a Snidely K. Whiplash fanlisting! More links on the bottom of this page. Also, I'm co-founder of The Official Bob Crane Club along with Bob's widow, Patricia Crane aka Sigrid Valdis ('Hilda' of "Hogan's Heroes") and their son, Scotty Crane. Any of this stuff sound interesting? Check 'em out! I'm also proud to say that I went to California (first time was in 1999 with a friend, later accompanied by my mom) to see Nathan Lane tape an episode of his new show "Charlie Lawrence." I sat in the 4th row, and then got to sit in the first row. Awesome!


I wanna use this space to say how much I'm gonna miss Dudley Moore. He died on at the age of 66 and I've loved him since I was in high school. It was only the other day that I was watching "Ten" and not long after that I downloaded a few of his piano tunes. I was probably one of the only people who actually liked his show several years ago. Also, Milton Berle died at the age of 93 and of course, I was a big admirer of his too. What did it for me was seeing him on The Lucy & Desi Comedy Hour. Guess Heaven is just a little bit more of a swingin' place today. Add Robert Urich to that list. I was a big Spencer fan! I also recall joking with a friend about how much Bob Hope irked me. She said something, years ago, about him dying eventually and I said if he did, it would be her fault. Luckily he lasted a good ten years+ after that. Also one of my fave actors, Marlon Brando, died recently. I thought he was invincible. <3

People I Love

By "Love" I mean people whom I admire a great deal. Those who, regardless of their personal lives, have provided me with hours of entertainment whether it be on Tv shows, movies, radio, etc. I think everyone is equal in life, but some are more successful, and that shouldn't sway our opinions of those people. They need their privacy just like we do, so I would never run up to someone famous and throw myself on them. Although I would say a simple hello and if they felt the need to carry on a conversation, that'd be great. But I have this thing about being looked at as just a fan. I'd hate to have that label because it makes me sound like I'm only interested in their success. And that's not true. I also wouldn't run up to someone and demand an autograph, but I have to say, I'm a pack rat and I love saving things for memory's sake. I always had people sign my books in school, just so I can look back and remember them when I've long since lost touch. But instead of getting an autograph, I'd settle for a penny or a piece of string, just as long as it would remind me of that experience. So, keep in mind that all these people I do love, but only because I recognize them as important to me in some way.

My Mom: While I do love all of my family, I'm the closest with my mom. She works her butt off and she'd do anything for anybody. It's from her that I get my caring traits and I take after her in the kindness area. She's an excellent role model. There's nothing I wouldn't do for her. I owe her everything. She's so funny and she's the nicest person I know. Without her, I am nothing. I love you mom!

Phil Hartman: This man had to be one of the most amazing people in the world. Not everyone knows all the voices he did for various shows, but I guarantee everyone has heard at least one character he's done. I think Phil didn't get a lot of the recognition he deserved, but I know he didn't mind. He believed in giving everyone else the spotlight so they would have their moment of fame. He was very generous and intelligent. He'll always be in my heart and I think he has a special job in Heaven.

John Denver: Another guy who'll always be in my heart. I wanted to fly a plane for many years now and the way he described being up in the air soaring with the birds will always leave that yearning inside me. I can't think of any other way he'd wanna leave this earth than the way he did. All the music he made will be the traces of his life left over for all who loved him. I don't think he really knew how much he was loved by millions. I've never heard music by any other person that sounded as emotionally sincere as the music he created.

William Shatner: Responsible for my expensiveStar Trek phase a couple years ago. I have two life-sized Kirk and Spock cardboard cut-outs in my room and numerous Trek posters, videos, collectibles, etc. But I'm not as obsessive as some people! =/\=

DeForest Kelley: As soon as I got into Star Trek, we lost Dr. "Bones" McCoy and it really bothered me. I wish I had liked Star Trek long before so I would've had a chance to write to De since everyone who wrote always got a reply. Another one of those people I've never heard a bad word about.

Leonard Nimoy: This guy amazes me. He seems to be in the same league with Shatner, but with a smaller ego, haha. I'd almost swear he was from another planet.

Jack Nicholson: My first favourite actor. I saw Batman and was hooked. He can act any role and pull it off. Some people are set on doing one type of role, but Jack can do them all and do them perfectly. Usually I'd think a guy who gets as many women as he does is a pig, but he has class.

Richard Dawson: I don't think I've ever seen anyone as good with kids as this guy. One of the things I love about watching him on Family Feud is that he has that quick wit, but remains charming the whole time and if someone is nervous, he takes the time to help calm them down and take the focus off of them so they feel more at ease on the camera. When I was little, I saw him on The Running Man and thought he was awesome. Then recently a frend told me he was the same guy as the dude on Family Feud and I started watching that and my friend managed to get me to like him again. So then I began watching Match Game and Hogan's Heroes (I have a weakness for english guys, so that was interesting to watch). I admit I think he's adorable, but his personality is what won me over. I've read and heard people say he has/had a big ego, but that's not really anyone's business but those who know him. I'd imagine it would be quite stressful working on Match Game AND Family Feud at the same time, so who WOULDN'T get a bit edgey at that time?

Bob Crane: Put aside the sex stuff for a second, and all the false rumours circulating with that horrible movie that's out about him, in which the director, himself, admitted to adding things that weren't true, just to spruce up the movie. Also, put aside whatever stupid stories you hear about him and/or his second family. What do you have? A talented guy who was liked by just about everyone. A down-to-earth actor, drummer, DJ, father and husband. Sure, he had a hobby of videos and photos, but there's so much worse going on in the world where people have no choice but to accept it. Bob wasn't one of those stuck up celebrities. He was laid back and fun. And I'm pleased to say that I'm friends with his second family. Any rumours you hear about them, are most likely just that. Rumours. They're a great group of people and I'm greatful for their friendship.

Paul McCartney: Paul was the reason I started taking bass lessons which lasted three years. And the reason I took Latin (he did well in it when he took it in school), but I just barely passed. I liked him and then got very into the Beatles and have been fans of them all for about 7 years now. Seeing him at a PETA banquet several feet away was excellent! I became a vegetarian after studying why he was one. I didn't do it because he was one; I did it for the animals.

Kelsey Grammer: I was a Frasier fan on and off for many years. I got the chance to talk to Kelsey in his chat room online many times and was invited to the show when I went to California last year, but I sorta chickened out. I hate being a bother and I didn't wanna impose. Since I don't know him personally, I can't complain about his personal life and he gets a lot of bad publicity but he treats his fans with respect, so he's cool for that. Well, until he gets bored with having a site and ditches you.

Ludwig Van Beethoven: Yeah, I'm talkingabout the composer who lived ages ago and nobody around now has ever met him. The man was a pure genius and lead a rough life, but he left us with a lot of wonderful melodies and I listen to them with not only my ears, but with my heart as well.

Frank Sinatra: I liked Frank for a long time and he was always in the back of my mind. I admit I don't like a lot of his music, but there's a lot I love. He was a great actor as well and I never miss watching him when he's on Tv. He sure came off as a tough but classy fella, and I bet it was a blast to hang out with him. Unfortanetly as soon as I got really into him, he passed on. Only a couple months within the time we lost Phil, so that was a double whammy.

Richard Burton: Eyes. That's my word to discribe him, haha. I actually was into Liz and then discovered him soon after. I've liked them both since then all those years ago. They had one of the greatest partnerships on the screen and the only other couple I personally think they compared to was Lucy and Desi who I also love.

Elton John: Puts on one awesome show! Gotta love the red spandex shorts, hahaha! I think he's better than Billy Joel, but many would argue with me. I respect his work for supporting the AIDS charities. It's always nice to see him and Liz working side by side on that cause.

Liberace: If you mention Elton, you gotta mention Liberace. This was THE man of piano playing! I have to say I hated his large collection of furs, but aside from that he was amazingly entertaining. Especially on the Muppets, hehe.

Bill Bixby: Yet another guy I haven't heard a bad word about. I also think he didn't get enough recognition which made him think that he wasn't loved by the public enough. But there's no doubt that everyone was glad to have him around.

Anthony Hopkins: Around the time of my Nicholson phase, I got into Tony. I remember being in middle school and Silence Of The Lambs came out. I watched it so many times a day and even bought the book and had it everywhere I went. I'm not much of a reader (not enough patience), but I read that one. I admit, I don't run out and see every Tony movie that comes out, only the ones where he looks like he's playing in interesting part. And he makes the best bad guy! So, I've always liked him and it was only recently that I got back into him. I went and saw Hannibal four times and bought the soundtrack and book. I think I like this movie better than the first. My other fave Tony movies are The Bounty, Magic, Guilty Conscience, and I used to love Freejack, but it isn't really my type of movie now. I think Tony is an intelligent guy and it was neat to see him on an old David Frost interview saying how he went to Richard Burton's house to get an autograph when he was only 14. He was actually intimidated, which shows how human he actually is. I read he doesn't like to make friends, he prefers his own company. That's totally me! But it seems OK for him, and abnormal for me, according to the people I usually hear from. But at least I'm not alone. Hannibal is the coolest movie and currently my all-time fave! Seen it over 25 times now and I'm not the least bit tired of it. I've got a Silence poster, Hannibal posters and two small theatre banners, a big standee thing that says the Silence and Hannibal titles, a rubber hannibal mask and several other collectables.

Dan Aykroyd: What can I say about Dan? Well, he's got that goofy cuteness to him. Makes you feel like it's OK to be silly. I adore his dance moves, singing and harmonica playing. I think it's wild that he can go into Elwood Blues mode and live a totally different life. His interest in paranomal and supernatural things totally fascinates me. I'd love to kick back and discuss things with him. I can go on and on about aliens and other worlds and I think he and I could benefit from each other's ideas and opinions on the subject. He's into cars, which is another interest of mine. Some people say he does some pretty bad movies, maybe because he can't get any other work. But I think he just does little roles here and there as favours to people. I mean, who wouldn't want Dan in their movie? Plus, it's neat that he can do small roles and not have to go all out and be the star of every movie. That shows that he's not egotistical. And the fact that he's Canadian, well, that's just another plus!

Gene Hackman: Gene reminds me a lot of Anthony Hopkins in the way that they're both press shy and seem so down to earth when not on the screen. If I got a call from Gene, I'd probably never recognize him since he sounds so different and more quiet than he does when he's acting. He also has a passion for riding motorcycles, racing cars, painting and flying. It's hard to find actor's who don't wanna steal the spotlight everywhere they go. I admire that about Gene. He can play tough guys and then turn around and play a goofy character adn have you laughing until your sides hurt. A wonderful gift.

Nathan Lane: I don't remember when I started liking Nathan (some time back in 1996 at the latest), but like a few others I like, he was one of those people who you start liking and never stop. I've gone in and out of phases with people and looked back wondering why I ever liked them. And then some people I never get tired of. I remember when Nathan's short-lived sitcom Encore! Encore! was on. I used to watch it as much as I could. Recently I started watching he repeats and fell in love with it all over again. It had pretty bad reviews and some of them were because, as usual, idiots were saying that he doesn't make a convincing straight guy. It's really sad when your sexual preferences stand in the way of your profession. I've been listening to a lot of the Broadway stuff he's done and I am very impressed. And here I used to only look at him as an actor. Boy, was I missing out! OK, so he can have his moods when autograph hounds are up in his face and all, but who wouldn't? And he can almost step over the line of being too silly, but he's incredible funny, a great ad-libber, a wonderful dancer, a superb actor and a fabulous singer! Plus, he says it takes him a little while to warm up to a person and come out of his shyness. He can come off looking like an egotistical star, but it takes some time before he comes out of his shell, and if someone like that has to do it gradually, then you know there's more there than an ego. Lemme mention that I flew out to California (first trip didn't work out) and saw a taping of his new show "Charlie Lawrence" on the 25th of October, 2002. Simply gorgeous!

Alfred Molina: Brilliant actor. Kind person. Funny personality. You've seen in half a dozen movies, at least, but don't remember who he was exactly. The perfect actor with an incredible stage presence.

Who I've Seen: At the PETA banquet in 1999, I got to see a lot of people during the awards ceremony/dinner. Some of them that I remember are Alec Baldwin (host) Paul McCartney (co-host), Sarah MacLaughlin (performer), Pamella Anderson (won award from Paul), Margaret Cho, Jackie Chan, Chrissie Hynde, B-52's and many more. After the awards show, the B-52's played along with Chrissie Hynde and then Paul McCartney. My mom and I got to see Swoosie Kurtz when we took a tour of Paramount (where the PETA thing was held days later). I've also seen several people in concert including, 10,000 Maniacs, Bob Dylan, Elton John, Tomy Petty, Eric Clapton, Spacehog, Jonie Mitchell, REM, Collective Soul and many others at various shows and Earth Day things. Nathan Lane, Anne Meara and Jerry Stiller in CA, in 2002, at a taping of Nathan's show, "Charlie Lawrence." In March of 2004, my mom and I went to NYC to see Alfred Molina in Fiddler on the Roof. Incredible! My grandmother and I are going to see it in August. The man is a genius.

Other People/Bands I Love: Peter Gabriel, Bob Dylan, Eric Clapton, Tom Petty, Harry Nilsson, Micheal Douglas, Houdini, John Bobby & Ted Kennedy, Al Pacino, Roy Orbison, David Bowie, Don Johnson, Buddy Holly, Stevie Wonder, The Cranberries, Gary Oldman, Gabriel Byrne, Bob Crane, Robert Clary (buy his CDs!), Larry Hovis (such a sweetie!), Werner Klemperer, The Eagles, Oasis, Little Richard, Robert Urich, Robert Picardo, Elizabeth Taylor, Lucille Ball, Desi Arnaz, Scotty Crane, Mark & Gary Dawson, Dudley Moore, Betty White, Phyllis Diller, Mark Lenard, DeForest Kelley, Linda McCartney, Peter Falk, Roddy McDowall, Courtney Love, Indigo Girls, Sammy Davis Jr., Tony Randall, Jack Klugman, Walter Matthau, Jack Lemmon, Pierce Brosnan, Dean Stockwell, Richard Harris, David Hyde Pierce, Jimi Hendrix, Neil Young, Peter and Gordon, Janis Joplin, The Grateful Dead (had tickets to see them with Dylan but no ride!), Rowan Atkinson, Lenny Kravitz, Marlon Brando, Martin Short, George Segal, Diana Dors, Phantom Blue, Roberto Benigni, Neil Morrissey & Martin Clunes (British Men Behaving Badly), Shirley MacLaine, Paul Lynde, Milton Berle, Gene Rayburn, Brett Somers, Charles Nelson Reilly, Fannie Flagg, Gene Wilder, Richard Pryor, Kevin Spacey, Jacob Dylan, Kevin Pollak, Ozzy Osbourne, George Martin, Gallager, Klaus Kinski, Stuart Sutcliff, Brent Spiner, Kate Mulgrew, Alec Baldwin, Dean Stockwell, Woody Allen, Jackie Chan, Tommy Lee Jones, Sara Kennedy, Willie Nelson, Paul Simon, Charles Shaughnessy, Daniel Davis, Fran Drescher, Al Pacino, Robert DeNiro, Robin Williams, Dustin Hoffman, Alanis Morissette, Stone Temple Pilots, Cyndi Lauper, Sean Lennon, Julian Lennon, Richard Gere, Arte Johnson, Roddy Maude-Roxby, Mikhail Baryshnikov, Robert Downey Jr., Aidan Quinn, Gregory Hines, Tom Arnold, Micheal Ironside, The Smothers Brothers, John Belushi, Michael Jackson, Aretha Franklin, Andersen Gabrych (Edge Of Seventeen), Charles Grodin, Patricia Crane aka Sigrid Valdis ('Hilda' on "Hogan's Heroes" and Bob Cranes second wife), Scotty Crane, Gene Hackman, John Goodman, Jake & Elwood Blues, Michael Moriarty, Matt Frewer (Max Headroom), Nigel Bennett, Geraint Wyn Davies (Forever Knight), Robert Duvall, Harvey Keitel, Dennis Hopper, Dolly Parton, Gilda Radner, Julia Sweeny, Tim Meadows, Jan Hooks, Davy Jones, The Monkees, Alfred Molina, Terry Jones, Graham Chapman, Michael Palin, John Cleese, Eric Idle, Terry Gilliam, Neil Innes, Sid Caesar and more that I can't think of right now.

My Hobbies

I collect bats (the animal, not the baseball kind), animal things (beanies, figurines, magnets), postcards (from all over when people send them to me), Gumby, Pillsbury Dough-Boy, aliens, candles, Blue M&Ms, Star Trek stuff, knives (I get one at the fair every year), swords (I only have one), peace signs, whale & dolphin stuff, Eeyore, bottles, unicorns and hats.

I love being online and making websites about people and things I like. I'm constantly taping shows off the Tv to collect. I think it's fun to make videos composed of clips of shows. I like writing letters and eMails. I like chatting online and getting to know people without having to actually meet, that way you have a chance to tell them about yourself first and get to know the personality before anything else. I started out watching Voyager, got obsessed with Star Trek: The Original Series and then back to Voyager. Sponge Bob Square Pants looked stupid to me and he annoyed me wherever I went, but now, I love the show! He has the funniest laugh. I play my bass and guitar a lot. I have an electronic drum pad I like to jam on, and I occasionally write lyrics when I feel the urge. I adore writing poetry but most of my stuff is dark and people don't get it, but it really isn't dark in the over-all meaning. I have a keyboard I tinker around with, so you can say I like music a lot. I really like to write short stories (usually based on dreams I have) but I have a tendency to rush them just to see how they turn out. I enjoy watching and listening to storms. I'd love to go to England one day but I don't think I could ever afford it. Colorado looks appealling as well.

My Favourite Places

My true passion is Manistee, Michigan. Maryland isn't my choice of places, but it could be worse. I love New York City and Hollywood. The scenerey is unbelievable. Florida is beautiful, but I'm not sure I'd wanna live there. Beats Maryland though, haha.

Facts About Me

-When I was younger, I was out riding my bike at night by my house and looked up in the sky and saw a UFO. It was round and had little red lightsaround it and was just sitting there in the sky. I have always reminded myself that it wasn't a dream. (I'm not nuts.)

-I'm Lutheran by birth but I lean towards Christian Science now. I think we've forgot the power of prayer and it's advantages. If a doctor came up with a way to live forever, people would worship the doctor just to get hold of the ability to live forever, and I think that's pretty sad. I love hearing about other people's beliefs though, and have been known to discuss religion for hours at a time. I like hearing about any opinions on life and death, and even Satanism. Everything interests me, just to see how people think. I'm really sick of people asking me to discuss my religion. I'm not ashamed of it. But it always ends up with people telling me that I'm wrong. They tell me how to run my own life. They push their beliefs on me whether they're aware or not. I don't want my life prolonged artificially. Things happen for a reason, and I accept that. I want to live naturally. If people wanna take medicine and get transplants, more power to you. But that's not what *I* want. Nobody respects that. People think I'm stupid. Why? Because I'm not afraid to move on? Death doesn't bother me. But I also don't wanna rush it either. If it happens, then it does. I'm not one of those people who lives in fear of what might happen if they go to a bad neighborhood. If I wanna go, I go. You can get killed in your own house. Why avoid things in life out of fear? The fact that I don't go to the doctor's has nothing to do with fear. And people ask me "What if a loved one was sick and you had to take them to the doctor? Would you just let them die?" No. I don't expect anyone else to not go just because I choose not to. If they want medical attention, so be it. In the beginning of time, all you had to do was pray and have the faith to heal yourself. People have forgotten that. I haven't. I've experienced healing from prayer and faith. Doctors claim they can fix you up and make you all better. Well, if God wants to take you, he does, no matter how successful a doctor is. Like I said, I've experienced it. Something doctors said they'd have to fix themselves. I wouldn't go to the doctor, and it turned out fine. So, if you wanna talk about religion, talk with an open mind. I always tell people I don't wanna discuss it. They never listen.

-I'm actually a legally ordained minister of the Church Of Life in California. Nifty, huh? No, I don't go to church. God is within me and he can hear me no matter where I am. All the churches I've gone to have a bunch of people acting superior to everyone else. They wear their fancy clothes and if a homeless person enters the church, everyone acts like they're a disgrace just because they're not wearing the latest fashion. That's not what church is about. I've also seen people vote on whether or not they should shut the doors to gays. They let murderers and rapists in, but not gays? True it says in the Bible that you shouldn't be gay, but God will judge when the time is right. We make our own rules. Ignore the "do not judge" words and focus on what we want to see. Not everyone is like that, but a majority of the religious people I actually know are like that, and it makes me sick.

-I love guys with accents, especially english ones. I also like guys who can play the piano or guitar, and who like nature. For some odd reason, I think guys look much better with glasses. But honestly, I could love a guy with three eyes as long as he had a nice personality.

-I will do anything for people. No matter if I feel like it or not. Sometimes I end up getting screwed over, but other times people really come through for me in return. As long as I make someone happy and they appreciate my help, that's all that matters. And I'm glad to have made so many TRUE online friends with this computer. People who don't judge me right away, and who are always on the other end when I need them. They listen to me complain, they help me out with things and they don't ditch me when they find someone better to talk to. Some people start chatting with me and ditch me as soon as they make their judgements and decide I'm not worth their time. Or people will ask me for things because I have something they need, but if I dare ask for something *I* need, forget about it. I get ignored or given an excuse. But the really good friends stick around and take the time to get to know what I'm all about. Thanks friends. I'd list you name by name, but I don't wanna accidently leave someone out. You know who you are.

-I have a weird interest in World War 2 and Hitler, although I do NOT agree with a majority of his views. I think there was something more to him then evil. He had the determination for a perfect country, but he went about things completely the wrong way. I'm probably interested in that stuff for educational purposes and nothing more. Like I enjoy learning about other beliefs, including Satanism, but that doesn't mean I practice those things. People judge way too quickly.

-I love watching shows about home renovation and gardening.

What I wanna Be

Since I'm so shy, I've only had two jobs. One was when I was still in High School. I worked where my mom works as a telemarketer. After that I worked delivering newspapers, which was nicecos it was just my friend and I cruising around listening to the radio at 4am. But if/when I get over this shy thing, I really wanna get involved in working at a Tv studio, behind the scenes. I really don't care what I'd be doing, but that whole scene just appeals to me a lot. The big thing would be leaving my mom behind to move somewhere like California to get my job. My mom and I are very close, and I'd feel lost without her nearby. If I can't do that for a living, I'd love to be a writer. But for something minor, I'd settle for working at a symphony hall cleaning up or taking tickets. Just to be near the music. I'd also love to get paid for dreaming, but as long as I can dream, I don't really need to get anything in return. I live through my dreams. But where does a dream stop and a reality begin really?

Who I Am

I'm 5'10". I have brown hair and blue eyes and weigh about 150 pounds. I was born on 19 March 1978 in Manistee, Michigan. My parents and I moved to Baltimore, Maryland when I was 7. I miss our old house back home. It was a small house in the middle of a big field and only two houses near us and the rest of the area was forest. I'm into Animal Rights and I've been a vegetarian for about 6 years now. I only have one close friend because I rarely go out since I'm so incredibly shy. I was teased a lot in school cos I kept to myself all the time, so I have low self-esteem. My goal in life is to make people happy regardless of what I have to go through to accomplish that happiness. I'd do anything for anyone, and I never judge people. It isn't my place to judge, and I try to encourage others to think in that way. Using the comuter is my way of getting to know some people without worrying about what they'll think of me. I tend to freeze up around people and let others talk for me, so I don't become the center of attention. I'd love to become well-known in some way so I can use my name to make people aware of the bad things in the world, such as deforestation and destruction of the Rainforests, the abuse of animals, and the people struggling in this world who are just trying to survive each day. I'd like to be known as someone who wants to get people involved in changing the bad to good in this world. And hopefully we can all open our eyes and accept each other. I have a personal goal to get something/anything of my writing (poems) printed in a book. If you happen to be getting a book published and have a little space for a short poem, lemme know! I wanna be able to go to the store and buy a book, that has one of my poems in it, by the time I turn 30.

Quotes To Live By

"Be nice to each other. You can make a whole day a different day for everybody."
--Richard Dawson

"Ask nothing, expect nothing & accept everything. That's it. I say to myself every day, like a meditation: It's none of my business what people say of me or think of me. I am what I am & I do what I do for fun & it's all in the game. The wonderful game, the play of life on life itself. Nothing to win, nothing to lose, nothing to win, nothing to prove. No sweat, no big deal. Because of myself I am nothing, & of myself I've been nothing."
--Anthony Hopkins

"Therefore do not worry about tomorrow for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of it's own."
--Matthew 6:34

Car Moments

19 March 1994: My parents hired a white stretch limosuine to come pick me up at school. It was my 16th birthday, and quite and amazing memory. I got out of school and my two friends were walking with me. We were checking out the limo parked out front. They were daring me to go up to it. I said no, but they kept walking me towards it. Then the window went down and my mom waved from the back of it. One of my friends went with us and we picked up another friend who had stayed hom that day. Then we dropped my mom off at our house and took some photos. I forgot the camera and we had to come back and get it. My friends and I listened to Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band and took a bunch of silly photos while we drove around drinking soda and waving to people. I always wondered what it would feel like to ride in style. What a great gift! A dream come true!

30 April 2001: I met a guy online. His name is Dave. He's one of the nicest guys I ever knew. It's nice to find someone to talk to about cool cars. My dream car is a Jaguar. Not those funny looking new ones, but the old classic ones with the hoody on the front. Today Dave came over and he arrived in an amazing black Jag and we took a cruise and looked at some fancy houses. He let me drive it in a little parking lot, and aside from the fear I had of hitting the curb, I had an incredible time! I never imagined I'd be sitting in one let alone driving one. Another dream come true!

My Fears

-Death. I don't fear it, but I fear a painful one. I'd love to be here during the end of the world. If everyone is gonna die at that point, then it won't really be as bad since everyone will be going through it together. I don't live my life thinking that whatever I do could result in death. I'd love to go skydiving.

-Spiders. I won't kill them though because I respect every living thing. I used to play with them when I was a kid, and then I knew someone who couldn't stand them. Power of suggestion, I guess.

-Outer space. I'm amazed by it, but I think I fear the infinity of it. There's a lot of space in the sky and I love planes, hm. And the combustion aspect. If it were possible to just drift away in space, it'd be pretty scary. Fascinating, but scary. So lonely.

-Water. Not the drinking kind. I'm talking about huge bodies of water, or small but deep lakes. Especially if you can't see the bottom. I grew up around water, but I guess I grew out of being comfortable with it. I can swim well enough, but the thought of all that depth beneath me is unsettling. I would love to go underwater below the surface in one of those cages so I can see the sharks up close. I don't think people belong in oceans. If they get attacked by a shark or jellyfish, they blame the animal. But you never see jellfish and sharks coming onto land and invading our habitat. Underwater life is so beautiful. Well, unless it's polluted. But I won't get into that.

Desert Island

You know that old question, "If you were stranded on a desert island, and could only have one CD, which would you pick?" Well, I've decided that my choice would be the Hannibal soundtrack. While I always loved the Silence Of The Lambs soundtrack, I think the Hannibal CD is much more artistic. It sends me to some weirdplace when I play it and I'm so content and relaxed. Parts of it make me jump even though I'm expecting them, and that's what makes a great CD. I feel the same way about the movie and I can't listen to the CD without having a strong urge to watch the movie. But I can definitely listen to that soundtrack for eternity and enjoy every moment of it. Although, as an update, I think I would choose Dudley Moore's 'Songs Without Words' CD because it's so emotional and deep.


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