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Last Updated: 09 October 2001.
Hi! Here are the reviews for the shows I've seen. Maybe they'l help you out a bit when you're trying to decide on what to watch. But remember....everything and anything with Richard in it, is worth watching!


The Running Man - Well worth watching to see Richard play a bad guy/game show host. If you're a Richard fan and haven't seen this, then go see it now!

Celebrity Dating Game - There's a few of these. One where he's younger, has an accent, and is one of the three bachelors, which is my favourite one. One where he has a mustache and picks the one of the three bachelorettes. And another where he doesn't have a mustache and it's around '74 or so.

Tattletales - He's on this one with Jody and it's just fun to see how well they know each other. One of the episodes he plays with a beeper. One he's really funny and when Jody says he's sloppy, he asks her how she's planning on getting home after the show. Another one where he says his favourite topic of conversation is sex.

Tv's Funniest Gameshow Moments - Richard narrated this one in 2000 and although they don't show him, except in a few Family Feud clips, he makes it incredibly funny with his comments.

Cop Out - This game show never made it but it wasn't that bad. Contestants have to guess which celebrity panelists are telling the truth. From '72. Added bonus: Larry Hovis and Bill Bixby on the same panel.

The Devil's Brigade - Movie with Richard as one of the many co-stars. He plays a soldier in the Canadian army and has a cute accent. Richard fans note this role as the one with the bar and kilt scene.

King Rat - Movie about American soldiers surviving in a Japanese camp. Richard is at the end and plays the hero paratrooper.

The Diana Dors Show - Richard sings, dances, acts and entertains in this nifty show starring his first wife Diana. Very young Dickie Dawson with a lot of great moments.

Blondes: Diana Dors - Documentary about Diana which features footage and photos of young Dickie.

Unforgettable Diana Dors - Another documentary about Diana with more footage and photos of young Dickie.

The Outer Limits: The Invisibles - Richard plays a rather sly fellow with an accent in this cheesey special effects episode. A couple weird close-ups and really some nice ones too. Great show if you cut out the rest of the story. Richard looks nice and young.

The Dick Van Dyke Show: Racy Tracy Ratigan - Funny and witty Richard turns on the charm when he gets near any females on this one. His accent is strong and proper. The bird call scene is a total riot!

Hollywood Palace: Bing Crosby and Hogan's Heroes Christmas Special - Richard joins his fellow cast mates from Hogan's Heroes to do a small Hogan's Heroes sketch at the start and sing a few tunes around the end. They all look nice in their suits. Richard doesn't get to sing a solo though but he joins in on a chorus song.

Match Game - My favourite year is probably '74, without a mustache. I like the messy hair. '78 is good if you like the moody Richard and that stupid wheel.

Family Feud - The early ones are the best cos he's still fresh and new to the show and you can tell he really tries to keep it great. I think he starts getting comfortable after a few years and settles into the show more. The Celebrity ones are great for the tux! I've seen several of the '94-'95 ones and he's got the same moves and spirit but I don't like the set and the fact that he can't kiss the contestants anymore. It's nice to hear him tell little storues about his family though.

Hogan's Heroes - Gotta watch this to see the spiffy uniform and to hear that cockney Newkirk accent. If you're a Richard fan, you gotta be a Newkirk fan too!

Mama's Family - Richard plays himself in an episode of the show when Mama and her family appear on the Feud. It's hard to tell if Richard is being his true self or acting. He's so convincing! Many laughs in this one as Mama and family try to get things right.

Thanksgiving Day Family Feud Marathon - Filmed in '95, we finally get to see a more recent Richard, who is still looking great! He gives his little fill-ins between episodes of Celebrity Family Feud and gives the viewers some nice advice about our families. Wonderful to see him on the screen again!

Munster, Go Home - Richard plays an English moving-truck driver. Has a pretty big part in the movie and he talks like Newkirk. Nice to see him in a hat and overalls looking messy for a change.

Zero Hour: Face Of The Foe - Richard has a part in this thriller radio broadcast show about a murderer of women loose in a neighborhood.

You Bet Your Life - Richard hosts this pilot episode and does a pretty good job with his talk-show host techniques.

Tv's Funniest Gameshow Moments - This one was done in 1984 and hosted by William Shatner. Several game show people, including Richard, come out to introduce and explain past game show clips. Richard talks about the one question on Family Feud that made him collapse with laughter.

The Odd Couple: Laugh, Clown, Laugh - Felix gets mad when Oscar does a talk/variety show with Richard. Richard looks like he just walked off the set of Match Game. Looks great and makes a few jokes.

I've Got A Secret - Richard asks some very good questions and is quick in figuring out the secrets.

Family Feud 25th Anniversary Marathon - Fabulous clips of the best moments along with some of the greatest episodes ever. Gameshow Network put silly little captions on the bottom that took a lot of space, but some of the facts were interesting, while others were stupid. Some of the episodes included the 'September' one where Richard cracked up and fell to his knees, and the one with his now-wife, Gretchen.

Laugh-In - Richard does his bird call rountine in this episode, along with some jokes and an old man sketch. Funny to see him suspended by wires, flying about like a bird when you don't expect it. Young and cute in 1968.

How To Pick Up Girls - Picture Richard in 1978 with a Damon attitude and a Tracy accent. He plays a rather conceited photographer who wears all white in all three scenes he appears in. Looks nice holding a champagne glass and smoking a cigarette and bossing his assistant around. Even a bit of flirting between him and his model. The rest of the movie was OK, but Richard did a sensational job, even using the ol' "You do good work" line.

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