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'Ello again! This page is where all the old comments from the main page retire to. So, if you missed one of the comments on the Home page, you've got a place to go to find them. Page 2 has the very first comments, so the pages work backwards. In the future, once this page gets cluttered, I will move everything forward one page. I tend to ramble on, but you can skip a lot if you want. I encourage you to leave your opinions on any of my comments in the Guest Book that's on the Main page. Enjoy!


(20 November 2003)

Happy 71st birthday, to Richard!

(09 September 2003)

R.I.P. Larry Hovis.
[Larry photo borrowed from LarryHovis.com. Please visit there.]

First, I wanna say how sorry I am to hear of the news about Larry Hovis' passing. From my few eMails I recieved from him, and from the comments of those who knew him well, I have to say that he was indeed a genuinely nice person, with a good soul. My sympathies go out to those who knew and loved him. Be sure to visit LarryHovis.com to learn more about Larry. On another subject, the RD Exp club is still going pretty strong. Photos are added once in a while, so be sure to check the club out, when you get the urge. My latest sites have been dedicated to the members of Monty Python, and I took over the old Monny Python Wacky Fanfic Society site, as well. You can visit all those at Py Are Squared. If anyone knows who Christian Clavier is, you can visit the new site for him, as well. Remember, you can read my near-daily experiences, with everything, at Lisa's Memory Palace. And you can check up on my websites at Lisa's Memory Palace. 'Til next time....Viva La Richard!

(05 March 2003)

Yes, I still update. But, only when there's something to mention. Recently, Richard was in Las Vegas. Apparently, MGM Grand got some new Classic Family Feud slot machines. Here's a couple photos. Nothing much new with me, although, I started a Michael Caine website. If you're interested. As always....Viva La Richard!

(14/20 November 2002)

The 20th of November is Richard's 70th birthday! HAPPY BIRTHDAY, RICHARD! Feel free to read all the birthday wishes, here!

For all you wondering what ever happened to lil' ol' me, here's a quick update. I haven't had anything new for the site, and with the limited space and popularity of the site, there's really no sense in putting it here. I put all the new stuff on the club. I've settled into our new house quite well. I took a trip to California, from the 24th to the 27th of November, 2002, to see a taping of "Charlie Lawrence," Nathan Lane's new show. Had a lot of fun, minus the jet lag. The Nathan site is doing well, and I also started a Dudley Moore site. I usually give in and make websites because those people hardly have anything about them on the web. I've lost several friends, but also gained some, over this whole Bob Crane deal. Aside from that, things have been pretty good, on the web. Remember, you can read my near-daily experiences, with everything, at Lisa's Memory Palace. And you can check up on my websites at Lisa's Memory Palace. Same title, different stuff. 'Til next time....Viva La Richard!

(26 June 2002)

Hi all! Yes, I know, I've been neglecting the website. That's because I totally wore myself out on the game shows, and I've got so many other things to keep up with. I am glad that this site exists as it's helped a lot of fans get some scoops and photos, and that was the whole point. It was never intended to be made for *me* but for the *fans* of Richard. If you wanna see what I've been doing lately, you can always check my Blog, entitled Lisa's Memory Palace. Not to be confused with my sites page also entitled Lisa's Memory Palace. Recently (a couple weeks ago), my parents and I moved into a house. I have the two rooms in the attic, and minus the spiders all over the place (walls, ceiling, windows, floor, bed!), it's great! I wanna mention to everyone that just because I have a site about someone, that doesn't obligate me in any way. I get a lot of people who think I owe them trades or information, and I don't. I'm really getting annoyed at the attitudes of some people who think that I'm here to answer any and all questions about Richard and his family. I don't give out personal contact information, and I'm not a trading post. I trade for things I *need* and at the moment, that isn't working out, so I can't help that. If people don't trade with you, that's not my fault, but I'm not in charge of making sure everyone gets what they want. You'll have to keep looking, just like I did when I couldn't find anyone to trade with me. Anyway, I wanna wish Gary a warm Birthday wish on the 27th of June. Happy Birthday, Gary! 'Til next time....Viva La Richard!

(23 March 2002)

Hey fans! Sorry I haven't updated this in awhile. I don't really have anything to put up since the evil cable company robbed me of my Gameshow Network. I do have much more needed free time on my hands though! If anyone wants to visit any of my other websites, you can find them at Lisa's Memory Palace. I'm still receiving eMails from Richard fans and I'm getting some very nice compliments on the site. It's a real treat for me to know that I've brought some useful information to the fans! In other news, my birthday was this Tuesday and I had a wonderful day! My parents got me some great stuff (6 Blues Brothers dolls in a bag that had an adorable elephant decoration that held the bag shut, $100, An awesome mouse with a rollerball on the side that lights up AND a scroll wheel, 8 videos in a cute yellow bag, a purple smiley face rug, CDs and some other neat stuff plus my gram gave me $20!). We went out to eat too. Yesterday (Friday), we went to see "E.T." and I recommend everyone to go and see it! It was funnier than I remember and such a great film. I've been busy lately working on other things, but if anyone has a problem with the site or club, please don't hesitate to let me know! Important Notice: Angelfire now has a bandwith limit of 1GB and since this site gets a lot of visitors, it runs out rather quickly. I can't afford to pay the $5 or whatever it is a month to get more space, so there's not much I can do about the matter. I imagine in the future, this site will no longer exist. Not much point in a site if people have to wait all the time. Please bookmark another part of this site rather than this page (it has a lot of graphics adn each one that loads or that you download counts against the bandwith) and try not to hog the space. What more can you ask from a free service, huh? Happy Easter! 'Til next time....viva la Richard!

(27 January 2002)

Hey fans! As a lot of you have probably heard by now, my cable company has removed GSN from their channels and I no longer get to watch or tape Match Game, Family Feud or any Richard appearances on that channel. I've been writing to them and requesting the TRIO channel but they don't listen, so I have no hopes for getting them to put GSN back on. Maybe it was a mistake and they'll fix it eventually? Maybe not. Anyway, I can't afford to pay anyone to make tapes, and I can't search through 200 videos trying to find a bunch of 22 minute shows to fill a tape for a trade, so basically I'll just have to stop my collection after coming so far with it. Hopefully, if there's a real important special or rare show on, I'll be able to find someone willing to help out. And if for some reason you want photos of a certain show up on my site, you'll just have to send me a copy and I'll gladly make the photos. On a happy note, we finally got several inches of snow here. But now it's all gone again and the weather is warm. Also, Mark's birthday is coming up on the 4th of February! Happy birthday! 'Til next time, viva la Richard!

(01 January 2002)

Happy New Year, everyone! Still no snow here yet, but I have hope! I'd be up to my ears in it if I still lived up in Michigan, though. I got a lot of goodies for Christmas and it was a wonderful holiday. Hope everyone got what they wanted and had a great time! A swell friend of mine just leant me "Out Of Sight" with a small Richard part in it. He looks very Newkirk-ish and sounds a lot like Tracy Rattigan! As some of you probably know, Larry Hovis was the writer of the movie, so you get a double plus there. Speaking of Larry, the Larry Hovis Oasis club has gone private. I'm sure some of you have run across it and maybe just peered in, so if you can't find it now, that's why. And while we're on the subject of clubs, when the merger with Yahoo! and eGroups is through, I will be switching all members to web only posts. This is to keep people from joining and getting posts by eMail and never even bothering to check in. Several people will be deleted too, since you refuse to post even when spoken to. I've explained that this isn't the way a club works. We need member participation. Don't let the regulars do all the work. We wanna hear from you! Remember to keep an eye on the TV page here to find out what upcoming Richard appearances will be on. If you know of any, lemme know so I can alert people. 'Til next time, Happy Snow!

(03 December)

Hello again, Dawsoneers! Thanks to everyone who contributed to the birthday page. As you can see, it turned out nice and I was quite pleased at the outcome. If you haven't noticed, there's a little note up there from the man himself, thanking everyone who helped make the page what it is. See how sweet he is?? I posted the note on the club, but I know some of the people who contributed are either not members there, or they don't check in so I put it on this page to make sure those involved will see it. No, I'm not trying to exploit the letter, I just wanna make sure my lil' helpers get to see it. It sure made my day! It's amazing how down in the dumps you can be and one little note can make a whole difference. Anyhoo, if you missed the Family Feud 25th Anniversary the first time, I hope you got to see the repeat when it aired around Thanksgiving. Wouldn't it be fun to put together a show with just clips from Family Feud and Match Game? I'd be locked in a room for days trying to pick the right clips! Oh, before I forget....in case you don't know about the Yahoo! clubs merging with eGroups, it should be happening very soon, so be sure to read up on the move. You can go to any club and just click the message link up top. Make sure your Yahoo! ID and eMail address are recognized by eGroups so there won't be any complications. The link I mentioned will give you the information you need if you need help. I'm not in favour of the merger, and I'd rather not have clubs look like eGroups, but hopefully people will continue to log-in because I won't be allowing posts by eMails after the merger. Things are changing, but my club will not turn into an eMail list. Hopefully we won't lose too many members. Well, that's it for now. Happy Snow!

(07 November)

Hey fans! Hope everyone had a great Halloween. Be sure and keep an eye out for The Running Man this month (check the Tv page) and for a reairing of the Family Feud 25th Anniversary show around Thanksgiving. It was a fun show, once you get passed the obnoxious trivia and tidbits they squish onto the screen. The Feud moments are the best and watch for the episode where Richard meets Gretchen! If you're interested in seeing how adorable their daughter Shannon is, go to the new biography page that was just made for her. It has some wonderful photos. Can't you just see that face starring in commercials?? Hm, what else? Oh! Richard turns 69 this month, on the 20th, so if you wanna contribute to the birthday page, be sure and get you entries in SOON! eMail me at RichardDawsonFan@aol.com with your birthday wishes/poems/songs/phrases and I'll put them on the page. Don't be shy! On an unrelated subject, if I see one more fur coat on a certain gameshow where you have to pick a curtain or a box, I'm gonna scream! Well, that's it from this corner of Dawson Land. 'Til next time....hi-ho Dawson-o!

(15 October)

Hey, hey! Due to a nice person, I recently got to see "How To Pick Up Girls." One word to describe Richard's character....HOT! The movie came out in 1978 and if you like Richard in white as much as I do, this is a must see! White pants, white shirt, camera, attitude....what more can I say? The movie itself was OK, I mean, at least it had a plaot. Most of the movies I get for various reasons are usually pretty weird and have little mention of a plot. I must say that Chandler Corey is by far one of my favourite characters that Richard has portrayed. Reminds me of a young Damon Killian. So he only had two scenes in the entire movie, but they were two really good scenes! If you haven't seen this one yet, go find it! I've seen it on eBay several times, and perhaps an old video store may have it. But find this movie, it's worth it. Or should I say *he's* worth it? Hmm, what else? I wonder if Shannon still goes trick-or-treating. I used to say I'd go until I was 18, but I stopped around 16, hehe! I know I was in high school, anyway. But, it was more of a fun night with a friend, and we just happened to get some candy. Too bad I was so tall, I sorta stuck out a bit. Ah, well. You're only young once. One more thing....the wonderful people at the RDExp Yahoo! club have written some marvellous fanfic stories, and the site is gaining quite a collection of them here, so be sure to check them out, but obey the age restrictions.

(24 September 2001)

Howdy! As some of you may now, I damaged a nerve in my right arm, at the elbow, so most of my arm, hand and fingers are numb and I shouldn't be typing. But with one hand, I head onward, making photos and keeping the site going the best I can so I don't fall behind. Anyhoo, I hope everyone got a chance to see the Family Feud episode where the question was 'During what month of pregnancy does a woman begin to look pregnant?' and the woman's answer, 'September' makes Richard crack up and fall to his knees. In my opinion, that's gotta be the best episode of all time! I made a page with the sound file from the 7 and a half minute fast money round, and a bunch of photos. You can find it on the Photo Menu page. Richard has been appearing on Tattletales, on the weekends, with Jody. Some of the stuff on there is really amusing. We've got a lot of people joining the eGroup and even more people joining the Yahoo club, so be sure and check them out if you wanna chat with some great people and learn more about Richard. I know a lot of people are dealing with the attacks that the U.S. had to face, but hopefully everyone will find a little something on the site or at the club that will help take your mind off of it for a bit. Here's to everyone!
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(17 August 2001)

Heeeey people! I usually write the new comment on the 22, but the Hannibal DVD is due out on the 21st, and I wanna get things done by then. I'm still trying to figure out Gameshow Network's rerun schedule. I know they repeat some of the Match Game and Family Feud episodes on the weekend, and also some during the week, but I still haven't been able to get the pattern yet. I was battling a very annoying line that rolled up my screen on my Tv for awhile, but I'm glad to say it went away. It was a pain trying to get photos around that thing cos it liked to be on Richard's face right when I captured a photo. Did everyone catch that guy on Match Game that looked a lot like Richard? I put a photo of him up at the club and in the Goodies section here. I've hit 70 on my Family Feud tape collection. And 40 on Match Game. I'm totally out of room. I'm gonna have to get my own place just to store all my tapes. It'd be nice to have a huge bookshelf to sort them all neatly. Well, it seems that a lot of people voted for Richard's new look to be a nudist. 29 votes! Hey, a girl can dream, can't she?

(23 July 2001)

Well, for those who were fortunate to see the Family Feud 25 marathon, what did you think? I was glad to get the last 1985 episode and the one with Gretchen since my copies were pretty bad. I hated the fact that Gameshow Network felt the need to constantly interupt the show to put up those stupid facts on the bottom of the screen. Maybe if they had something to do with the show and if thy didn't flatten the picture, it wouldn't have been so bad. The clips were hilarious, although I think they were out of order. I think the "September" clip should have been number one. The "Duck and Cover" clip was funny to, when Richard totally fell flat on the floor. Gene dancing was a riot. Every time I see the final '85 episode, it makes me realize how wonderful Richard is. I mean, he coulda wasted those few minutes talking about anything, but he chose to thank the cast and crew and let them all know how important they are to him, and he gave the world some things to think about. His comments on equality and how he blessed the children and why he kissed everyone were priceless. How anyone can say a bad word about him after seeing that is beyond me. The guy is filled with endless emotion, so how could he do anything wrong and not be consumed by emotion? The clips where Richard showed a photo of Shannon and said he only kisses her mommy was adorable. Anyway, I made plenty of photos in case people missed the marathon. Feel free to drop me a line, sign the guestbook or join my club to discuss the marathon. Hopefully, in the future, we can see some more fantastic clips. Perhaps even a show of just Family Feud or Match Game clips. Or both!

(22 June 2001)

Hello again fans! I'm running out of things to discuss in this little section, so if anyone has any ideas, feel free to drop me a line. By the way, PLEASE note that I only have a website about Richard and that I am NOT him. Also, if anyone has an interesting Richard story they'd like to share, I would love to hear it. Whether it's a story about meeting him, or how he's effected your life in some way or another, if you're willing to share it, send me an eMail. I'll put it up on the site under Member Contributions if you don't mind it being posted for all to see. The TRIO channel started airing Laugh-In, and you fans out there should know that Richard was on certain episodes. So if you're fortunate enough to have that channel, you better be watching! I don't have the channel myself, so if anyone wants to do a little trade, I'm desperate. A couple people have been kind enough to give me some great screen grabs though. Check 'em out on the Photos page. Must add that I loooove that photo above with the cigarette, so it's home is on this page now. Well, that's about it, unless I think of more to add. Have a swell month!

(22 May 2001)

Howdy fellow Richard fans! I'm starting to run out of things to talk about, so if you have any ideas for the monthly Comment, drop me a line. There's talk going around about a Hogan's Heroes movie. Personally I think it'd be a good and bad idea. Bad because the fans are used to the original cast and having other celebrities play the roles of our guys would be odd. I think if they used unknown actors, it would work much better so you don't have the sterotyping going on. The good thing would be that more people would become aware of the show and start doing some research on it. They'll be going online and checking out the sites and watching the reruns on Tv. I think Richard would make a really cute Schultz, if I had to put him in there somewhere. Hm, what else? Richard and Gretchen's 10-year anniversary is sometime this year. Doesn't seem like it's been that long, really. Not sure when it is, but Happy Anniversary!

(22 April 2001)

I hope everyone got to watch The Fool's Of April special. Richard was on one of the episodes of I've Got A Secret. He did a great job figuring out the secrets and asked good questions. I think he's one of those people who doesn't always show their intelligence, but the wheels in their head are always turning. I gotta wonder about the style of clothes back in the 70's, though. I was only two during that decade, but, from what I've seen, the clothes were pretty wild. There were a lot of styles I love, but the rest were just....silly. Like red and white candy cane-striped shirts. Or shirts with tennis racket designs on them. And ones with clam shell-looking designs. Of course, there was the white pants look, but I'd never complain about that! Anyway, it was nice to see Richard on another show with Betty White. And Milton Berle was a wonderful addition. I like seeing the various people I like all on one show. Kinda breaks down the barriers in your head. Or maybe that's just me.

(23 March 2001)

Sometimes it's fun to ask my parents one of the questions from Family Feud or Match Game, just to see what they'd say. I choose the questions that actually make me laugh out loud, unexpectedly. There was one such question on Family Feud, not too long ago. When I asked my parents, both in seperate rooms, this was the result:
Richard: A kind of number people memorize.
Girl: Ten.
Me: Mom, Dad....name a number people memorize.
My Mom: Social Security.
My Dad: Six.
I have to admit though, I didn't know what was wrong with the girl's answer at first. I was wondering which number I would have picked. Maybe two or four. Then I realized my error. Anyhoo, the other day, a friend of mine pointed out that the episode of Family Feud they were showing at Noon was filmed on my birthday. 19 March 1980. Granted, it was two years after I was born, but it was pretty neat to know it was being shown on my second birthday, back then. The ones they show at Noon have that WinTv stuff on the screen, making the Feud screen small. But they give the air date and a tidbit at the start of the show, so it's kinda worth watching for that. Tomorrow, the 24th, they're airing the Green Ball Awards on Game Show Network. According to the listings on their site, there's gonna be two Match Game episodes. I had hoped for clips of all the shows, but I guess we get full episodes. I saw no listings for Family Feud. Personally, I think they shoulda gave an award to the one where Richard fell to his knees in laughter over the fast round question. The one about "in which month does a pregnant woman beging to show." Ah, if only I owned my own Tv station. I would do such justice.

(01 March 2001)

Well, lemme see....did everyone watch the Hogan's Heroes marathon this past weekend? I'm still missing five episodes and they only showed one of them that I needed. I did get to see the pilot episode, finally! I liked the rather amatuer quality it had. The innocence. Everyone seemed to be having fun and trying to make it the best show they could. I think towards the end of the series, it was a little too serious, and there weren't as many silly moments like when it first started. Hopefully everyone got to see the episode of The Odd Couple that Richard appeared on. The whole song and dance thing at the end was the greatest! Those of you who belong to the Yahoo! club may have noticed that I bring up the fact that people join and don't post. I find that very annoying, even at clubs where I'm not the founder. If you're gonna just read posts, then there's no real need to join. If you only join to look at the photos, then you should be posting to show your appreciation. A lot of work goes into clubs. More than you know. I've been working on this site and adding photos constantly, every day and all day. I'm glad to supply photos in case someone missed an episode of something and wants to see what went on. But sometimes it's too much, so I've been cutting back a tiny bit. If you haven't already, please sign the Guest Book. If you have anything to contribute, let me know. I value privacy so you can have credit or no credit, whichever you prefer. By all means, enjoy your stay!

(03 February 2001)

Hopefully those of you who have never seen the movie "Munster, Go Home" got a chance to see it today on the Family channel. I almost bought it in the store awhile ago but I figured Richard would only have a tiny part and I really don't have any urge to watch the Munsters, so I didn't get it. Then it was on Tv one day and I missed it by a couple hours. So, at least I got it this time. Suprisingly Richard had more of a part than I thought he would, and he sounded just like Newkirk. I loved how he looked. Messy, as opposed to nice-n-clean, for a change. There weren't many photo opporunities, but I did make a page with some photos from the movie. I'm looking forward to watching him on The Odd Couple coming up on the 20th. I used to love that show and probably saw that one, but I don't remember. Watch for photos from that show as well. Richard's eldest son, Mark, has a birthday on the 4th!
Happy birthday, Mark!

(21 January 2001)

Hello again Richard fans! I hope everyone got a chance to check out the Match Game ____athon last night. I thought it was great! They really picked some funny ones to show. Some of the clips they showed made me wanna watch the whole episode, but I guess I'll have to wait for them to come on. Lotsa yummy '74 last night! I, of course, made many photos and put them up. Some of the photos I make look a-like, but I just wanna capture a certain moment, so people who missed that certain episode can sorta get a feel for what was going on. I noticed I've become really obsessive about making photos now. I used to be able to just sit and watch without feeling like I had to make photos, but now I make them constantly. I wanna provide as many as possible for those people who may not get to watch all the shows that come on. So I'm using my powers for good, not evil. For those of you who voted in the poll and said you'd never heard Richard sing, there are plenty of songs from various things (records, Tv shows, etc.) that have Richard singing. You can check them out on the Songs page. Don't forget, if anyone has any photo requests (from the last day or so, cos I can't search through endless tapes to find a split second of footage), lemme know and I'll do my best to get it up. If you're bored, go to the Links section and see all the nifty sites that I like. And be sure to keep checking the What's New page to see where I've added things. And believe me, there's a lot of addin' goin' on!

(10 January 2001)

Hope everyone is having a great New Year so far. I spent all yesterday working on my site and putting up songs, sounds and photos of Richard from 'The Diana Dors Show.' From the episodes I saw, I enjoyed them very much. Richard was adorable (as usual) with his little jokes and all the singing he did. After watching that I keep thinking to type "Dickie" all the time now. One of the songs had him singing, "I'd like to welcome you to Dickie Dawson's dive" which I thought woulda been a perfect title for this website or my Yahoo! club. So from now on, that can be the alternate title. It has such a nice ring to it, in my opinion. Anyway, while watching that, I was reminded of my thoughts on how he seems to have many different versions of himself. I mean, there's the old-time version from those early years, where he looked so classy and seemed to actually live in a nice suit/tux all the time. I suppose since I wasn't around back then, everything seems like it was a whole different world. Then there's the Hogan's Heroes years and beyond which, I think, fits him better. And then there's now, which is almost a world in itself, but not so much as in the 1950's. So I guess there's three different levels. Now he seems like a regular guy, with a family and doing his own thing out of the spotlight. I thought that hearing him back then he'd have more of a thicker accent, not as much as Newkirk, but it would seem he woulda had more of one than he did. I have no complaints though, it was just right. I liked seeing him dressed up and doing various things on the show, like introducing the next sketch and being a part of everything. The show kinda reminded me of a Lucy/Desi thing. Personally, I thought he had the looks of a perfect star who shoulda been on the screen. He just had that appearance. But he did well with what he did. Especially the different impressions. What a character!

(30 December 2000)

Ah yes, the New Year is here. I hope everyone had a great Christmas. I can't believe I still have a few gifts to send out to some family members. I'm so slow. Today I was looking through my Dream Book where I jot down all my 'good' dreams that I wanna remember. I put who's in them on the top of each page and I also date each one. I'm a very organized person. My mom had bought me a 3-section notebook and I started my first entry in it on the 15th of November of 1999. Not too many days before Richard's birthday, but I didn't know that then. I was flipping through my book and saw that my first Richard entry was on the 12th of April, 2000. I probably had a bunch before that, but just didn't realize I would like him as much as time went by. Anyway, in comes the New Year and my goal is to keep up with the site and club and to get as many people as possible interested in Richard. When I first saw him in The Running Man, I really liked his character, but knew nothing about the actor. I'm so glad that I learned more about him, because he's the kind of person we need on this Earth. A great role model, a caring guy, and talented in so many ways. You rarely hear a bad word about him, and if you do, it's nothing even worth mentioning. So if you just came to this site to visit and you don't know much about Richard, I recommend that you look around and check out some of his stuff. Spread the word, and let's make more people aware of all the things he's done, and all the happiness he brings to everyone. Richard 2001!

(14 December 2000)

{First I'd like to take a moment and request a small moment of silence for our late friend Werner Klemperer who died on December 6th.}
Well, it's Christmas time once again! I love riding around and looking at the lights. Everyone's houses always look so warm and cozy, like some sort of perfect utopia. I can't help but picture Christmas morning at Richard's house (that is unless they're one of those families that open the gifts on Christmas Eve). It's be early in the morning, and if it's anything like my house when I was little, Shannon would go running in to wake up her parents. Bounce around on the bed until she woke them up, then run to the tree and wait for them to sleepily enter the room and proceed to pass out the gifts. I see Richard shuffling his feet on the way, hair messed up, nice comfy robe. Of course this is just *my* vision. Everyone probably gets all dressed up and waits til the whole family is there before opening anything. Anyway, eventually everyone arrives. There's a huge dinner with much festivity. The guys retreat to the living room afterwards to let their food settle while the girls take their places in the kitchen. Then everyone sits around fiddling with their new toys and gadgets. Dessert anyone?

(30 November 2000)

I'm watching "Hogan's Heroes" (the one where it's Klink's birthday) and seeing Newkirk up onstage singing and doing tricks and stuff makes me think of him when Richard was younger (as if I knew him, haha). The other night I was watching The Blonde Bombshell movie (about Diana) and they had Richard calling people trying to get a job and he was upset cos he couldn't get one. Which was sad, cos he seems so lovable, you'd think he wouldn't have had a problem finding SOMEthing. Anyway, it's always weird to just see someone and be able to watch them acting, and never really know everything they've gone through to get where they are now. It's good that you can just watch them playing their character and get lost in that image, because it shows that they do their job well and play the part convincingly. But every once in a while, you get curious about their life offstage, and wonder how different or similar they are from their characters. Some people seem like the same person all their lives. But others, like Richard, I see as many different people. Sounds kinda weird, but it just seems like that to me. I obviously wasn't around when he was younger, and maybe that has something to do with it. The 50's always appealed to me because people looked so classy and neat. When couples went out, they got dressed up, and all the beautiful movie stars were out and about. It's like a whole other world, and Richard was around through all that. He was a regular guy trying to make it in the world. And then he got a little older and started getting breaks and landing roles in shows. Then more along the way, he got much more popular and got his own show, made movies, raised another family. And that's just a few of the things he's done! It's just amazing to think of how he was so young, making his way up and finally made it, and now he's ahead of all that and is settled and happy and has a name that everyone knows. So when I watch "Hogan's Heroes" and I see, not only Newkirk, but also Richard. A guy who had to wake up in the morning like everyone else, go to work, get into character, and set his reality aside so he could become Newkirk. And then when his work was through for the day, he went back to being Richard. Combed his hair and dressed in a Richard-style, and went about his regular life, until it was time to change back to Newkirk again. Just something to think about, and appreciate. What a long and achieved path he's traveled.

(25 November 2000)

Well, Thanksgiving has come and gone. Hope everyone got to see the "Family Feud" marathon hosted by Richard. It was filmed 5 years ago, but close enough. I've heard a few mixed reviews, but everyone seems to have enjoyed it. I know I did. I think Richard always had that come and go humour where he could tell a joke one second and get tons of laughs, and then tell one the next second and get crickets chirping. But I find myself jotting down all the jokes and telling them to my family. Of course they never get them, and I have to say that 'it was much better on Feud.' Richard looked incredible and great for his age! The little words of advice at the end was very emotionally charged. I hope we see more of him real soon. On a "Match Game" note, they're showing the ones where he had to wear glasses because he had an eye infection. I love glasses, so I gotta say how nice he looks in them, and the episode the other night! Mega chestitude being shown! Yum!

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