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Long, drawn-out reason for this site: If you think I sound greedy, then you should see some of the requests I get. I've met a lot of cool people who do decent trades, but I've also met a lot of cheaters and scammers. People who send me crappy tapes that I can't even watch, people who set up a trade and then disappear, & people who can't read before contacting me. Here are a few things I have to point out:

--Just because you see something you need/want, doesn't mean I have to trade with you. READ what I need, first. If you have something I need, then contact me. If not, don't bother, because I'm not making any exceptions!
--I also will accept magazines, with people in them that I like, and other items in exchange for tapes. If there's something on eBay that I'd like to have, that can be used in exchange for a trade, as well. But YOU must let me know how much you're willing to spend for the tape. Don't ask me what I think is fair.
--Many of the shows have been taped, retaped to edit the commercials, and then retaped again for your copy, so some squiggly may be evident. I haven't had any complaints, though, and it's normal for tape copies. Anything more that regular squiggling will be noted.
--Don't send me a long list of what you need and then tell me you don't have any way to make copies ("I don't have two VCRS"). Also, don't tell me you can't make copies, but you can pay me. After taking the time to tape something, spending money on a tape, VCR wear, shipping & packaging costs and having to go to the post office, it isn't worth the small amount people offer. Besides, that's....illegal.
--If I say no, don't keep asking! I don't want stuff I don't need.
--I use NEW tapes. I expect the same in return. I don't wanna see some dusty VHS with a show taped over a show.
--As of now, I expect my tape sent FIRST. I have a lot of references and nobody has ever complained. I, however, have had people send me total crap, or not send anything at all, and I'm sick of it.
--Sometimes I think I have a show labeled and then I can't find it. I appologize if that happens to you.

Technical Stuff (Quality, Tapes): The brand of tapes I usually use are Bronze Standard Maxell and Poloroid. I'm not picky about tapes, as long as they aren't some name I've never heard of and as long as they come out clear when you tape on them with something that should come out clear. You have to keep in mind that the stuff I have is NOT the best quality. Since I tape, retape, and then retape again to make your copy, it comes out somewhat squiggly. I wanna stress that cos I don't want people thinking they'll be getting a crisp recording. There's nothing I can do to fix them up. But if you want something bad enough, it won't matter. I always use a brand new tape when I make a copy for someone. I expect the same.

Availability: I have way too many episodes of shows, like Family Feud and Match Game, to list and I only have some of my favourites listed so I can find them if I need to. Since I have so many tapes, I can't search for anything specific that I don't have listed (again, VCR wear factor), but if I ever run into it along the way and I remember that you inquired about it, I'll be glad to mark it so I know where it is in case you want it in the future. Some audio tapes have that record fizzle sound, depending on the source.


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