~*~Things I've Seen~*~

Things I've Seen

Take me home, mate!
Take me home, mate!

- Hogan's Heroes

- Family Feud (Pilot, Debut, Last '85, Johnson Family, First & Several '94 Episodes, All Years)

- Dating Game
One of the 3 bachelors. Awesome outfit; adorable accent; younger. Bill Bixby is on this one too. Richard wins! Does a little dance move a couple times too.
Mustache. The one asking the questions.
**No mustache. Messy hair. My fave! (Clips)

- Match Game
1973, 1974, 1975, 1976, 1977, 1978 & PM

- Tattletales (With Jody; 3 episodes)

- The Running Man (Damon Killian)

- TV's Funniest Gameshow Moments (Narrated)

- Cop Out (Panelist)

- The Devil's Brigade (Private Hugh McDonald)

- Family Feud Thanksgiving Day Marathon 2000 (Host)

- Mama's Family (Himself)

- King Rat (Captain Weaver, Paratrooper)

- Dick Van Dyke: Racy Tracy Ratigan (Tracy Ratigan)

- The Outer Limits: The Invisibles (Oliver Fair)

- Blondes: Diana Dors (Himself)

- Unforgettable Diana Dors (Himself)

- The Diana Dors Show (Himself)

- Munster, Go Home (Joey)

- Tv's Funniest Gameshow Moments (Himself)

- The Odd Couple: Laugh, Clown, Laugh (Richard Dawson)

- You Bet Your Life (Host)

- I've Got A Secret (Panelist; three episodes including appearances by Gene Rayburn and Charles Nelson Reilly)

- Family Feud 25th Anniversary Marathon (Episodes and clips)

- Laugh-In (Guest)

- How To Pick Up Girls (Chandler Corey)

- Hong Kong Phooey (Voice)

- Inside TvLand: The Pitch (Hogan's Heroes Clips)

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