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~*~Richard Dawson Songs~*~

~*~Richard Dawson Songs~*~

~*~Sing a song....Song a sing~*~

Take me home, mate!

'Ello! I only have these so far. Most of you have heard the ones on the Hogan's Heroes album. But I thought the other two were less heard. Now I don't want anyone eMailing me or leaving a note in the Guest Book saying how bad they are. The man is cute and that accent makes it all good, so hush. Haha! Enjoy!
Last Updated: 12 March 2001.

~*~Newkirk Songs From Hogan's Heroes Record~*~

"A Nightingale Sang In Berkley Square": Such a sad song! So emotional.

"This Is Worth Fighting For": My favourite! I love the 'corn' parts and the end when his voice gets stronger.

"This Is The Army, Mr. Jones": Catchy beat! Also featured in an episode of "Hogan's Heroes."

~*~Richard Singles From 1967~*~

"His Children's Parade": My other favourite. The spoken parts are awesome, and I love the accent and the sound he's got going. That piano chord at the end gives the song a weird twist.

"Apples And Oranges": OK, I'm thinking either some sort of war reference or a cemetery. Any ideas? Nice and mysterious.

~*~Other Richard Songs~*~

"We Wish You The Merriest": Bob Crane sings lead with Bing Crosby, and other people, including Richard, Werner, John, Ivan, Robert & Larry, sing backup to this Christmas song from the Hollywood Palace special.

"Blue Sea": Richard goofing and singing his own lyrics to the tune of 'Blue Sky', from Match Game '78.

"C.B.": Richard and Charles sing a song for a guy that just won the super match, from Match Game '74.

"That's The Way It Was In Vaudeville": Richard and Felix/Tony Randall sing on The Odd Couple in 1975.

"Anchors Aweigh": Richard sings and salutes to a girl on Match Game '76.

~*~The Diana Dors Show Richard Songs~*~

"Dickie Dawson's Dive": Richard on The Diana Dors Show.

"Old/Elderly Man River": Richard redoes the song to suit a fussy fellow with a buzzer on The Diana Dors Show. Song/sketch mixed.

"Gigi": Richard singing to a horse on The Diana Dors Show.

"Moon In June": Richard & Diana on The Diana Dors Show sing and joke.

"Settle For Me": Richard sings and does various amusing impressions of several famous people on The Diana Dors Show.

"Without Me": Richard, Diana, and 2nd couple on The Diana Dors Show.

"Good For Nothing": Richard, Diana, and 2nd couple on The Diana Dors Show.

"Tan": Richard, as a Private Investigator, waits til Diana leaves before revealing that he was the guy she was describing, on The Diana Dors Show.

~*~Other Richard-Related Songs~*~

"Temple Of Dreams": Go here to download Messiah's techno song with 'The Running Man' dialogue snippets of Richard.

'The Running Man' intro. theme: Music by Harold Faltermeyer; minus the beginning.

"Silent Night": Werner Klemperer & John Banner sing the song in it's original language of German on The Hollywood Palace Christmas special.

French Christmas Carol: Robert Clary sings this short, but sweet tune from The Hollywood Palace Christmas special.

"Hogan's Heroes": Hogan's Heroes theme from TvLand.

I Gotta Be Me: Robert Clary sings this upbeat song from the Lesslie Uggams Show.

All Rights are held and Copyrighted by the owners of these songs. If for any reason the owners wish to not have these songs listed here, please eMail me and I will take them down immediately.