~*~Richard Dawson FAQs~*~

~*~Richard Dawson FAQs~*~

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Hello and welcome to the FAQ page. I decided to put up some of the most frequently asked questions about Richard, that way everyone can learn a few things. Most stuff you probably know, but some you might not, so take it all in and spread the word. If you have any questions that you can't find on here or on my whole site (you can do a search on the Main page), eMail me here and I'll try and add it.

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Last Updated: 01 August 2012.
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Richard Dawson

Q. Is Richard still alive?
A. No. He passed away (a little over an hour after my father, also named Richard) on June 2, 2012 from Esophageal Cancer at age 79.

Q. Why does your site still talk about him as if he were alive?
A. I lost access to a lot of my website after Angelfire made changes. It took me over a month to get into the main area to edit things, so I won't be changing much else. I'm leaving things (like the below info) the way they are for the most part.

Q. Where was Richard born?
A. Gosport, England.

Q. What colour are Richard's eyes?
A. Greyish-Green.

Q. How tall is Richard?
A. 5'9".

Q. What cologne does Richard wear?
A. Aramis. It's classified as a refreshing, woody, mossy masculine scent that possesses a blend of citrus oranges, oakmoss, sandelwood and patchoul.

Q. Is Richard the owner of The Richard Dawson Experience?
A. No. My name is Lisa and this is my tribute site to Richard. If you want his, or his family's, eMail address, phone number or anything else like that, you won't find them here.

Q. Was Richard married before?
A. Yes, to British actress Diana Dors. They got married in 1959 and had two sons, Mark, in 1960, and Gary, in 1962. They performed many times together. They divorced in 1967.

Q. Is Richard married now?
A. Yes, to Gretchen Johnson. They met on Family Feud in 1981 and were married in 1991. They have an 11 year-old little girl named Shannon.

Q. I saw Richard on Tattletales with someone named Jody. Where they married to each other?
A. No. Jody Donovan appeared with Richard on Tattletales when it was singles week. They dated, but were never married.

Q. How much money did Richard make on Family Feud and Match Game?
A. He made at least $3.5 million per year for Family Feud and $1.8 million per year for Match Game. For more information on how it was calculated, go to the tidbits part of the Richard Biography page.

Q. Do you have Richard's eMail address, phone number, etc?
A. No. If I *did* I wouldn't put it up for the world to see. Some people like their privacy.

Q. Is there an address where I can write to Richard to get an autographed photo?
A. Yes, but don't bug the man with freaky mail. Those I know who have written and asked for a photo always got one, but it can take a little while. Don't give up hope. Just remember Richard is a family man and has things to do, and he doesn't owe anyone anything. But he's just a nice guy and cares for his fans. Here's the address:

Richard Dawson
1117 Angelo Drive
Beverly Hills, California 90210

Q. Does Richard still make Tv appearances?
A. Once in a while. Earlier this year he narrated Tv's Funniest Gameshow Moments and he hosted the Thanksgiving Day Family Feud marathon on the 23rd of November, which was filmed in 1995.

Q. Where can I get more information about Richard?
A. You can go to the main page of The Richard Dawson Experience and check out the Menu of Links that will lead to just about everything I know. Keep checking the What's New? page for all the updates.

Q. I've read that Richard Dawson wasn't Richard's actual birth name. Is that true?
A. Yes, Richard was born Colin Emm, but legally changed his name. Please don't spread this fact around as it's rather personal.

Q. What's the deal with the pinky ring?
A. The ring a gold oblong/semi-square shape with a half oval Black Onyx Sapphire stone.

Q. Can I use the photos on your site?
A. Some of the photos aren't mine. Some were given to me by friends and I can't claim copyrights to those. Some I've borrowed from other sites so you'd have to ask those people. A majority of the photos are mine though. I spend hours making them for the site, and people are using them left and right. So as of now, I will not allow people to use them. I mean, why come to my site if they're posted all over the web?

Q. What were Richard's parent's names?
A. Arthur and Josephine Emm.

Q. Did Richard have any brothers or sisters?
A. Yes, he had a brother named John/Jack Emm.

Q. What did Richard do with all the gifts he received?
A. Some he kept and a lot he gave to charities to raise money.

Q. Did Richard do other appearances besides Hogan's Heroes, Match Game and Family Feud?
A. Yes, he made many more appearances during his career. Visit the Filmography page for a list of the things he's done.

Q. Have you, or anyone you know, ever been on Family Feud or Match Game?
A. No, but if you, or someone you know, has ever been on Family Feud or Match Game, please feel free to eMail me and share your story. You can read stories like that from the fans on the Member Contributions page.

Q. Where did Richard get his suits from on Family Feud?
A. Clipper Craft Clothes and then later, Botany "500" provided them.

Q. Is it true Richard got hurt while doing an episode of McCloud?
A. During one of the Celebrity Family Feud episodes, Richard told how he was doing an episode of McCloud and he was supposed to get shot with a blank gun. A piece of the blank went through his shirt and left a scar, which he said, when showing it to the girls, he got lucky.

Q. Did Richard become a U.S. citizen, and if so, when?
A. Yes, Richard became an American citizen in 1984. He showed his passport and photo at the start of a Family Feud episode.

Q. What brand of cigarettes did Richard smoke?
A. Marlboro Lights 100's and Benson & Hedges Ultra Lights 100's.

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