Take me home, mate!

Last Updated: 23 February 2001.

Ah! Welcome to The Cooler! Here you will find the escape routes to the various Hogan's Heroes sections of my site. It's up to you how long your stay is here. If you enjoy being in The Cooler, feel free to stick around, but make sure you brought a blanket! If you're anxious to get into the tunnels and start making your way to the next randevous, then here are your coordinates. Watch out for double agents, and be sure to bring back some allies so we can help them escape too! Be careful of Colonel Klink, or he'll send you right back here. Good Luck!

Ah ha!  So!  You were trying to escape, were you?  Well not THIS time!  Hey!  Where did you go?Take this tunnel to get to Colonel Klink's Quarters!

Take this tunnel to meet Colonel Robert E. Hogan in town for a drink.I know a great little place back in the States.  But I don't think we'd make it back in time for role call.

What do you say we fix ourselves a little something to eat?Take this tunnel to sneak over to the kitchen with Corporal Loius LeBeau!

Take this tunnel to find Corporal Peter Newkirk's secret hideaway!'Ello!  'Ow's about you and me stealin' ol' Klink's car and takin' a joy ride, eh?

Coolie Calling Card

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