~*~What's New~*~
~*~What's New~*~

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On this page, you'll find the Latest Updates (which haven't been for many years because I no longer update the site). On with the show!

Last Updated: 10 July 2012.

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02 June 2012: Richard passed away. Oddly enough, my father (also a Richard) passed away a little over an hour before. I can't believe this site is 12 years old! Thanks to all who supported it!

28 October 2002: Wallpapers added.

16 October 2002: Wallpaper added.

13 September 2002:
New Fanfic (Angela's One True Love) added.

07 September 2002:
New Fanfic (The Reunions) added.

30 August 2002:
New Wallpaper added, thanks to Kitty! If anyone's curious about what I've been up to, you can check out my Blog or my current website.

09 July 2002:
New Fanfic (Operation Wild Cat) added.

02 July 2002:
New Fanfic (Someone Saved My Life Tonight) added.

26 June:
New Comment added to the Main page. Happy Birthday to Gary on the 27th!

24 April:
New additioin to the bottom of the first page of the Member's Contributions page.

23 April:
New Fanfic (The Next Battle: Parenting) added.

19 April:
I had to delete a LOT more photos, and I'm not putting them back up. It's too much work, I don't have the space, and there's plenty remaining, and on the club. Check out the CUTE little dolls Casey made, they're on the Goodies page (and Main page, but remember the bandwidth). If you use them, make SURE you link to her site (not mine) and give her credit!

05 April:
I moved all the FanFic to it's own account. You can bookmark it at Dawsonizms. Please let me know right away if there are any broken links or problems, so I can fix them. Also, I realized that if you skip the Main page, you won't have the frames option. Not sure what to do about that, but I don't think it'll hurt too much. You can just bookmark the Everything page, as long as it's working.

31 March:
Happy Easter! Some bad news about the site, though. Angelfire now has a bandwith limit of 1GB per day, and there's a lot of visitors here per day, so it goes fast and then the site is suspended for a couple hours. By the time it's back up, people use the bandwith up again, so it's hard to get to the site at all now. I see a bad future for the site because of this. I can't afford the $5 advanced site mode per month, so there's not much I can do but ask you all to bookmark a page that has very few graphics, because every photo oaded or downloaded counts against the bandwith. Sorry about that, but what more can you get from a free site?

30 March:
FAQ updated.

23 March:
New Comment added. New Fanfic (Time Of The Season) added. Go see "E.T."!

13 March:
New (At The Dance) Fanfic added.

23 February:
Two new Fanfics (Mirror, Mirror) (The Homecoming) added.

07 February:
New (Just The Facts) Fanfic added.

05 February:
New (Trust Your Heart) Fanfic added.

29 January:
Animations added from the club to the Animations page.

27 January:
Hogan's Heroes photos (page 10) added. No more Game Show Network for me, so I can't put up any new photos from that channel. More about that in the new Comment on the Main page.

20 January:
New (French Twist) Fanfic added.

18 January:
Richard Yahoo skin added to the Goodies page.

15 January:
New (Too Much Heaven) Fanfic added.

10 January:
Mid Family Feud (48) photos added.

08 January:
For those who plan on submitting fanfic, I will no longer put any up unless you send me the LINKS to the photos you want me to use as the background and the main photo. It's too troublesome for me to have to read the story if I don't have time and to decide which photos best suite the story you wrote. So, please choose them before you submit the story because you know better than I do what photos to use. Thanks! 05 January:
New (A Twenty Year Love Affair) Fanfic added. Forgot to mention I added a new poll, main photo and comment to the Main page, the other day.

28 December:
New (A View To A Thrill: The Sequel to The Spy Who ______-ed Me) Fanfic added.

26 December:
Mr. "Grinch" Feud lyrics added to the Goodies page. Hope everyone had a great Christmas! The Enter page has a new look. Thanks a bunch to Charlemange!

20 December:
New (Private Meeting) Fanfic added.

18 December:
New (The Eyes Of Love) Fanfic added.

17 December:
New (Can't Buy Me Love) Fanfic added.

15 December:
New (Prison Cells To Wedding Bells) Fanfic added.

08 December:
Early Family Feud (page 86) and Mid Family Feud (page 48) photos added.

03 December:
Thank you note from Richard is up on the Main page. New Comment and Fave Photo added. Early Family Feud (page 86) photos added.

02 December:
New (White Chocolate) Fanfic added.

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