This page carries articles that Mention the Miller Sisters, and will be expanded to carry articles which mention their spouses. Not only do they give you an idea of what they do, but of high society in general.

  • Bag Ladies- An article about the "To Have and To Hold" charity event which auctioned off handbags- including Pia's, MC's, and Alexandra's. A big thank-you to Marie for this one!

  • He Keeps the Blood True Blue- a NY Times article about Mark Gilbertson, the man who knows everyone in high society. Big thanks to Dy Sheafor for this one.

  • The Junior Jet Set- a W magazine article about the junior jet set generation. Big thanks to Linda for this one.

  • New York Stories- an article about young high society that names the Millers. Again, thanks to Linda.

  • Ultimate Junior Socialite List- This New York Post item confirms that the Miller girls are part of an elite.

  • Park Avenue Princesses- an article about the younger generation of New York socialites.

  • Park Avenue Princesses, II- a different New York Post article that talks about Aerin Lauder and other young NY socialites.

  • The New Kinds of Philanthropists- an article that talks about charity fundraising.

  • Society Takes A Scalding Online- a NY Post article about socialites getting trashed on the Vogue gossip forums.

  • Cartier Book- The sisters have posed for a book celebrating Cartier's 150th Anniversary. It benefits the Delta society.

  • Sex in the City?- a New York Post item that wonders whether the Miller girls may have been an inspiration to Sex and the City author Candace Bushnell.

  • Is Candace Bushnell Fictionally Challenged?- This item alleges that the Millers were the basis for two of Candace Bushnell's 4 Blondes characters.

  • Passion For Pashmina- a Newsweek article about how pashmina has caught on as a trend.

  • Brawling For Beauty- A Newseek article about Bernard Arnault's business tactics.

  • The Geoffrey Beene/American Ballet Theatre Party- A NY Post item about the party, which Pia hosted at Sephora.

  • The Rock Premiere- a San Francisco Chronicle article about the premiere dinner party for the The Rock.

  • Vogue Beauty to read a Vogue article about Sephora, and how Pia is its Creative Ambassador.

  • Sephora Opening- a San Francisco Chronicle article about the Sephora store opening in the city.

  • Pashmina- a San Francisco Chronicle article about pashmina as a fashion trend.

  • Getty-Jarman Wedding- a SF Chronicle article about the wedding of Chris Getty's cousin Billy to Vanessa Jarman in Napa Valley.

  • Cubism & Fashion I- a New York Observer article about the Cubism & Fashion party Pia cohosted with Miuccia Prada and Paula Cussi.

  • Cubism & Fashion, II- another NY Observer article about the Cubism & Fashion party.

  • Cubism & Fashion, III- A Spanish article about the Cubism and Fashion shindig. An English translation (courtesy of Babelfish) is here.

  • Summer Plans- a small item from the New York Observer Transom column about Christopher and Pia Getty's 1999 summer plans.

  • Tattoo You- an article (from earlier this year) that detailed several fashion trends and events.

  • MC in Time- an article that counts MC's wedding as one of the events that repopularized haute couture.

  • Mini-Me- an article about how socialites dress their babies... as little designer tots.

  • Millenial Madness- an International Herald Tribune article (from 1999) about the haute couture houses doing very well.

  • Oscar de la Renta- a New York Observer profile of the designer. Marie-Chantal is mentioned as one of his loyal clients.

  • 200 Richest Women- an article that lists Marie-Chantal as one of the world's 200 Richest Women .

  • Hosts Peeved at Bill Gates- An NY Post article about how the reclusive Microsoft mega-bucks nerd never goes to any parties, and ranks MC and Pavlos among the top 20 desired guests.

  • DVF's Memoir in W Magazine- An article about DVF's A Signature Life memoir. A big thank-you to Marie for this one!

  • All Things Bright and Beautiful- The Vanity Fair profile of Brooke de Ocampo, along with vignettes of some of the couple she features in her book Bright Young Things.

  • The Bright Young Things Bashed- An NY Observer review of Brooke de Ocampo's book. Big thanks to Julie Parker for this one.

  • Wrap Artist- Diane Von Fürstenberg in People Magazine about her return to the fashion scene. Again, thanks to Linda for sending and reminding me about this article!

  • Diane in Manhattan File- Another article about Diane's autobiography. Big thanks to Linda once more for this one.

  • Diane von Furstenberg: Behind the Signature- a moving article about Diane von Furstenberg which came out at the time she released her biography, A Signature Life Thanks to Lulu for pointing this one out to me.

  • Diane von Furstenberg back- a San Francisco Chronicle article about mother-in-law Diane's return to the fashion world- with Alexandra's help.

  • Bond-Donahue Wedding- an account of the Ginny Bond-Michael Donahue wedding, where she was a bridesmaid.

  • Wedding Rehearsal Dinners- A Town & Country article that mentions Alex & Alex's own big dinner.

  • Welcome to the Dollhouse- a NY Magazine article on socialite publicists. Not much on Alex, but a nice gossipy item about the crowd she hangs with. Thanks to Tiffany for locating the original article.

  • Rock Style, I- an account of last year's Costume Institute Gala at the Met- which was a tribute to Rock Style. It only mentions Alex, but I know MC went to it as well (a picture of her there is available at the Vogue site).

  • Rock Style, II- the NY Observer's account of the Rock Style gala.

  • Fashionably Pregnant- a New York Observer article on how the fashionable stay stylish when they're pregnant.

  • 1999 Fashion Week- a New York Observer article about New York's Fashion Week mentions a dinner that Tatiana, Alexandre, and Alexandra von Fürstenberg hosted.

  • Dance in Castillo- A Spanish article about the bash Egon von Fürstenberg threw in Salzburg in honor of his granddaughter Talita and the upcoming millenium. An English translation (courtesy of Babelfish) is here. This is also the party where the Miller women were all costumed as Bavarian barmaids, and Pavlos and Alexandre looked like extras from The Sound of Music.

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