Hi there! Welcome to my site about the Miller sisters.

This site is intended to provide You- presumably someone who thinks the Millers are interesting, or at least fascinating- with information about them. You can start off by reading Short Biographies section, and peruse two archives of articles- the first, a page of Articles About Them, and the second a selection of Articles That Mention Them.

Plus, there are some Pictures To See and a Genealogy Section that shows their ancestry as well as that of their extended families. My Links Page is intended to be a kind of Yellow Pages of what you can find on the Net about the Miller sisters. I suggest checking that out, because there are other great Miller Sister sites to see. You can also check out the Brand-New Message Board for discussions about the Miller sisters, and an Acknowledgments Page for all of my thank-yous that were previously on this page.

I value your feedback and any suggestions you might have. Send Me your comments, or even if you just want to drop a line. And as you can all see, I've just given my quite a few pages on my site a major stylin' facelift, so I'd really love to know what you all think.

Creating this site has been a lot of fun. Even though I did it mainly to teach myself HTML and some graphic design, I don't consider it work at all. I'm glad to have created a site that people dig. It's really flattering to know that, especially since this is my first website.

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