First, I have never met the Miller sisters. Nor have I made any attempt to contact them. This site is only an unofficial one, and is unauthorized.

Secondly, this site is made up of media that came from newspapers and magazines. I have only sought to make information about the Miller sisters available, and do not seek to profit off any of the material being featured here.

The copyright logo on my pages applies only to the following:

  • The Graphics- Logos, Charts, and Timetables- I Created

    • Other than the aforementioned materials, I do not claim ownership of any of the Miller sister-related articles and images on this site. If I am violating a copyright by featuring a certain article or photograph at this site, I would like to apologize in advance. Please Notify Me Immediately.

      This site was put together with the following programs and applications:

      • A Very Helpful HTML guide was the book HTML For Dummies. and its accompanying CD-ROM. It explains HTML very well to anyone who doesn't have a computer-oriented background.

      • For text editing, I used Notepad, Wordpad, and Microsoft Word '97.

        Microsoft Word was especially helpful in creating a page that was content-heavy, and I didn't have to worry about missing HTML tags! It's a good application to use if you're sick of annoying HTML tags and having to type them all out- unfortunately, I didn't figure out how good it was until after I put together the News Articles on MC's Wedding page.

        However, I liked using Notepad and Wordpad to test how well I knew my HTML. If you're putting together a page that's simple, those will work just fine.

      • For pictures and graphics, I used ULEAD Photo Express 2.0 SE, Macromedia Freehand ver. 8, Adobe Photoshop 5.5, and Adobe ImageReady 2.0.

        The Adobe programs are great to use for improving picture quality and creating images that will download relatively fast without sacrificing size. Plus, it has a range of Color Styles- and a Color Menu available in Web Colors- available to use in making your own graphics.

        Freehand is terrific- I used it to create the charts in the Genealogy section and transform them into JPEGS, then Adobe to polish them up. Freehand is also good if you want to make one big graphic out of several jpegs, as well as in creating your own. Like Adobe, it too has a Web Color menu.

        The ULEAD software was also helpful with scanning my photos, for the quality was decent and the size wasn't too huge.

      If anyone has any questions on the programs used on this site, you are of course free to Ask Me Anytime. I can't promise you an expert opinion, but I might be able to help you out if you're thinking of making your own web page.

      Sorry folks, but some of you may not be thrilled to discover that I've disabled the right click on the picture pages. Why? Here it is:

      1. People have given me images that have ended up on other sites, and have emailed me to complain about it. As I would like to maintain good relationships with the people who send me pics, I've disabled the right click to do so.

      2. I don't mind sharing my pictures- which, although I do not own the copyright to, I consider mine because I scanned, cropped, sized, and in other words totally customized them to look perfect for this site- but there are some where I do mind people taking them without asking first.

      Although I've disabled the right click, I'm still perfectly happy to share pictures as long as you ask first.
      Send Me an Email Anytime.

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