Is Candace Bushnell Fiction-Challenged?

Author Candace Bushnell is on a roll. With the popularity of HBO's "Sex and the City" and the best-selling novel "4 Blondes," the 41-year old Bushnell's own story could be titled "Success in the City."

However, the publishing world is having a field day laughing at her, rather than with her. One publishing house publicist said sarcastically: '4 Blondes' is fiction and J.D. Salinger will be going on Oprah tomorrow to discuss 'Catcher in the Rye.'

A woman's magazine editor told East Side Confidential that "the twin sisters of '4 Blondes' are knockoffs of the "3 Millers." The three sisters are New York socialites Pia Getty, Alexandra Von Furstenberg and the Crown Princess of Greece, Marie Chantal. Each of the sisters inherited a fortune and eventually married into greater extravagance.

The 4 Blondes novella's steeped in Bushnell's trademark themes of men and women and sex could be on view "if you caught any the three Millers in action at Le Cirque, the Carlyle or any of the Madison Avenue boutiques where they love to be seen," said one publishing source who likes to dish.

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