August 1999


In order to celebrate the baptism of his granddaughter Thalita and the Third Millenium that approaches, the prince playboy gave to a spectacular celebration in his " scholl ". 700 guests attended.

Better than Lord of the dance, offered Prince Egon von Furstenberg, in their Austrian castle, was to listen that the old and well-known term Jet-Set changed " jetting," alluding to that the truely millionaire ones no longer travel in commercial jets, now do it in their private airplanes. Therefore no longer it is said to jet-set, but "jetting".

At the baptism of Thalita von Furstenberg Miller, most of the guests arrived in their own jets. Less could not be hoped, because the parents of the baptized one are Prince Alexander von Furstenberg and Alexandra Miller and their grandparents are Prince Egon and the Duty Free tycoon of the East, Robert Miller. In order to qualify the fortune of Miller it is enough to remember that to each one of his three daughters it equipped them with 200 million dollars when they married. Pia, the eldest one, wed Christopher Getty; Marie-Chantal with prince Pavlos of Greece and the youngest, Alexandra, with Alexander, the son of Prince Egon and the designer Diane von Furstenberg.

The paternal grandfather of Thalita, Egon, is vastly known as one of the (rutilantes) members of the Jet-Set of 60 and 70 years and also now a more private life akin to the new style of the multimillionaires doing more, but that is equally luxurious and amusing. Egon dedicates himself at the moment to the fashionable design and their collections maintaining his living, all year, between Europe and New York.

Thus, the prince traveled, " jetting " in from New York to Salzburg, in Austria, and the scholl in the outskirts of that city was transferred there to his. The Millers did it from Hong Kong, where they spend several months every year; Marie-Chantal and Prince Paul flew from London and the other 700 guests from the place in which they were the night before. Invited aristocrats, princes, millionaires and socialitÚs danced with two Italian orchestras, one of rock and another one of mambo, and they were amused until the dawn in a great green and white carp, the colors of von Furstenberg. The members of the family shone (tiroleses) typical suits and, of course, they were gladdest and enthusiastic at night.

Between the multitude we distinguished the counts von Bismarck, Dukes Serra Di Cassano, Princess Marina Borghese, princess Claudia Ruspoli, the archdukes of Hapsburg and Prince Sebastian Hohenlohe.

All these nomads of the luxury and the joy left on the following day from different bath fashionable to continue enjoying the warm European summer.

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