This genealogical index is intended to not only satisfy the curiosity about the Miller sisters' family history, but also those of their husbands.

So far, a section on the Gettys and one page about the Greek Royal Family are available. I apologize for not having everything for you to look through right away, but finding the information and creating proper graphics have been time-consuming and I have also been working on picture pages. I would rather not have the pages up on the Net if I don't have them right- but I will tell you right away when I have added more pages.

  • The Gettys, Part I- The first part of the Getty Genealogy. This page covers the 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 5th marriages of J. Paul Getty. Information about George Franklin Getty and Jean Ronald Getty- father of Christopher Getty- is here.

  • The Gettys, Part II- The Second Part of the Getty Genealogy. This page covers J. Paul Getty's 4th marriage to Ann Rork, mother of Sir Jean Paul Getty and Gordon Getty.

More genealogy sections on the Greek Royal Family and an additional section about the Von Fürstenbergs will be coming soon.

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