My name is Alexis B. I go mostly by Lex, and occasionally Alex, but it doesn't make much difference to me. I'm 26, and grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area in the States. I now reside in Manila (here in the Philippines) and am completing my undergraduate studies in Communication at the moment. I am also taking some computer classes, so who knows- this site may become more than what it is now.

Aside from revamping the pages on this site, I've got a whole slew of other interests. I love watching movies, shooting pool, writing (screenplays, short stories, and a novel I'll eventually finish), sketching, and watercolor painting. I love listening to live bands- rock, blues and reggae are my favorites. Unfortunately I'm a lazy sod when it comes to working out, but I do like watching sports. I'm starting to really dig rugby and love watching women's tennis.

And I know it's cheesy, but I like WWF Wrestling. I never pay attention to the soap-opera aspects of it and don't really care to know what some neat stunt's name is (piledriver? suplex? huh?) I just think the Rock looks cute in tight pants.

I was working on another site (a personal one with travels, photos of friends, etc.) as a means of keeping in touch with friends I have scattered around the globe, but decided to just make this one better and better. If you can, please fill out my Feedback Form or let me know how I'm doing on my Message Board. Thanks!

Oh yeah, I know I really ought to have a photo of myself up on this page somewhere, but needed to take down the previous pics of myself with my ex. Whoops. Anyway, new ones will be up as soon as I find time to put them up here!

The e-greetings at Message Mates never fail to crack me up. Monkey Toilet Piano is bizarre, but brilliant too.

Have a Virtual Toke!

Fish Dicks Free Fonts is, hands down, hilarious. And you thought group sex was only limited to porn sites...

Maximum Russell Crowe is the best site I've seen so far about him. Checking out a mega-testosterone limb-chopping Bloke like him makes a pretty good break from reading about the Miller sisters.

Rotten Tomatoes is my favorite movie site. It features reviews on new flicks, and news on upcoming ones.

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