Friday, December 4, 1998

A Sampling Of Seasonal Scarves
Pashminas cuddling everybody's shoulders


Pashminas on parade: After Tuesday's reception at the new Sephora cosmetics store, some pashmina scarves made their way to Tommy Toy's for the dinner Billy Getty and Vanessa Jarman gave for Chris and Pia Getty, here for the store's opening.

Pia looked dazzling in a black slip-dress by Christian Dior -- and wrapped in one of those pashmina scarves; hers was orchid. Pia is one of New York's famous Miller (as in Duty Free Shops) sisters. One married a prince, another married a von Furstenberg, but Pia did OK, didn't she?

On their way to TT's, Dorka Keehn draped her gray pashmina over her shoulder, Emporio Armani's Ali Speer was sorry she hadn't worn hers (pink) and Summer Tompkins Walker was wrapped in a red one -- and matched the decor: round tables covered with red cloths and illuminated from underneath, red flower balls for centerpieces and round red votives. Not a party for squares.

``You can do anything you want here, anytime,'' an impressed Tommy Toy told Stanlee Gatti, who did the decor.

Surprise guest: Billy's brother John, just in from London and welcomed by Vanessa, who made room for him, making one table very cozy and lots of fun.

Everyone went on to Billy's penthouse, which he just sold to the Charlton Buckleys, for a farewell party lasting until 3. If people want to refresh their memory, Chris Vietor has it on video. Billy virtually moved yesterday while he and Vanessa were on their way to Hualalai on the Big Island.

Supervisor Gavin Newsom is with them; his first vacation in two years.

Some began the Tuesday party rounds with a stop at Maryon Davies Lewis', where people bought gifts benefiting the World Wildlife Fund. Debby Magowan got a pashmina scarf, but Brayton Wilbur couldn't decide whether a blue or red one went better with his eyes.

Just a few blocks away, dermatologist Seth Matarasso, plastic surgeon Brunno Ristow and his wife, Urannia (who looked, as usual, perfect in a midcalf gray wool dress by Givenchy), were having a cocktail party. ``It looked like Christmas, but it was my birthday,'' he said.

``The Ristows' dining-room table is a work of art,'' said Dante Bini. The table seats 20, but only since this year. Antique dealer-restorer Antonio Mariani made extensions, matching the original 19th century table. He's sort of a reverse plastic surgeon: New is turned into old.

Urannia used 35 glass bowls to hold candles lighting the pathway to the front door. Among those on the path: Nancy and Paul Pelosi, Frank and Wendy Jordan, Sally and Warren Debenham, Candy and Bill Hamm (she wore the evening's most beautiful pashmina in lime), Kay Kimpton and husband Sandy Walker, Skip and Rhea Friend, Ann Paolini, and Margot and Harry de Wildt.

Lucinda Crocker and Diane Chapman took over the private dining room at Stars to give a birthday lunch, for women only, for popular man-about-Town and Country Ken Rainin. ``My favorite women are here. You're the best-looking, best-dressed and most intelligent women I know,'' said Ken, who was celebrating his 60th birthday. All those smart women immediately thought or said, ``60? You don't look a day over 50,'' and those who have been on his plane or yacht or in his Ferrari proclaimed 40 at the most.

Ken's beautiful daughter, Jennifer, and her husband, Chris Patterson, flew in from Chicago and took over Fleur de Lys on Wednesday to give a birthday dinner for the kid. And it was absolutely superb: Instead of the usual tasting menu, Ken suggested three courses -- foie gras, veal with potatoes and veggies, and dessert. Delicious, said his son, Jesse, a chef with Now We're Cooking. Jesse's date for the evening was his grandmother, Betty Rainin of Walnut Creek.

A video was also made of this party, with guests making comments on camera. UC Berkeley professor John Searle skipped it: ``I watched, and the person asking questions reminded me too much of Kenneth Starr.''

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