This page carries articles About the Miller Sisters- Profiles, Interviews, etc, and has been expanded to carry pieces regarding their spouses. The Articles that mention them can now be found on the Mentions Page.

Articles on this page are also arranged chronologically. New articles will be marked NEW!.

  • NEW! Selling Out- A NY Post article about Pia and MC selling their NY properties. Thanks to Emma for posting it on the board!

  • Sister Act in Vogue- The Miller girls in Vogue right before MC's and Alex's marriages. Wonderful thanks to Linda for this, and for reminding me that I totally forgot about it.

  • Miller Time- a W magazine article about the Millers from 1995. Wonderful thanks to Linda for this.

  • Tatler's Magazine- a Tatlers article about the Millers that came out right before MC's wedding. Again, thanks to Linda.

  • The Millers' Tale- the Vanity Fair article which appeared in June 1995. It's one of the first (if not the first) which popularized the already well-known trio.

  • Sister Act- a W magazine article about MC and Alex that came out in 1997, where they specifically rebut the Bowery Bar rumors. Once more, thanks to Linda for this superb article.

  • Las Hermanas Miller- a Spanish article which came out in December of 1999 that focuses on MC and Alexandra. An English translation is also available.

  • Big Wallets, Bigger Egos- An item from Forbes magazine about the cost of the Miller weddings.

  • Where To Go- Pia and Alex mention some of their favorite places around the world. Again, thank you to Linda for this.

  • Pia Peddles- a short article about Pia, and her work for Sephora.

  • You Are Where You Eat- a Town & Country article about Pia's entertaining style. Again, thanks to Linda.

  • Alex's Wedding in W- The Wedding in W magazine. Thank you, again, to Linda.

  • Dynasty & Destiny- the Vanity Fair article covering her wedding, which appeared in January 1996.

  • Wrap Stars- The W magazine article about Diane and Alex teaming up to bring back the wrap dress. Thank you, again, to Linda for sending it in.

  • A New York Times Profile of Alexandra- This article came out just when DVF's dresses started to make it big again. Special thanks to Bindu Nair for sending it.

  • Cabin Fever- A Cosmo article about how Alex fixed up a cabin on Diane's estate. Thank you, again, to Linda.

  • Cher & Cher Alike- an article about Alexandra's resemblance to Cher. Thanks goes out to Lulu for this.

  • Alexandra at the Ashram - Read one of the ways Alexandra keeps her figure trim. Special thanks to Becky Zadzorny for sending it to me.

  • NEW! King Without A Country- a July 1995 Vanity Fair article that documents King Constantine's struggles with the Greek government. Thanks to Marie for this.

  • Pavlos & Felipe Graduate- a Hello! article about Pavlos and his cousin Prince Felipe graduating from Georgetown. Thanks to Linda for this.

  • Pavlos in Dutch- An article about Pavlos and Marie-Chantal, but it's in Dutch. If anyone knows Dutch, they're More than welcome to translate it.

  • Pavlos Back in Greece?- an item from a Greek news agency regarding the property dispute between the Greek government and the Royal Family, as well as his feelings about Greece.

  • Easy Money- a NY Post item about the inheritance Alexandre von Fürstenberg will eventually get from Barry Diller.

  • Alexandre Von Fürstenberg's Impersonator- a NY Observer article about artist David Brown, who name-dropped his way into parties and clubs.

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