The Miller Sisters: Alexandra von Fürstenberg, Crown Princess Pavlos of Greece, and Pia Getty.

The Miller Sisters are the three daughters of Duty-Free Shoppers billionaire Robert Miller and his Ecuadorian wife, Chantal: Pia Getty, Crown Princess Pavlos of Greece (a.k.a. Marie-Chantal), and Alexandra von Fürstenberg.

They are privileged women who have been born to affluence and luxurious lifestyles. They have also married well: Pia's husband is Christopher Getty, a grandson of J. Paul Getty, since 1992; Marie-Chantal married Crown Prince Pavlos, eldest son of Greece's exiled King Constantine and Queen Anne-Marie, while Alexandra wed Alexandre von Fürstenberg, son of Prince Egon and designer Diane.

In 1995, the year Marie-Chantal and Alexandra wed their respective spouses, people began to notice the three Duty-Free heiresses. Not only did New York high society take note of them, but so did people all across the US- as well as in Europe and the rest of the world. Publications such as Vogue and Vanity Fair feature them regularly; the latter included them on their list of "It Girls."

Below are short biographies of the sisters. If you don't know much about them, this will help familiarize you with them. If you do already know about them, then let me know if there are any errors. You can also check the Message Board for more information.

Pia Christina Miller is the first of Robert and Chantal's daughters. She was born in New York in 1966, and spent her childhood in Hong Kong and Europe.

In 1992, Pia wed Christopher Getty in a sunset ceremony in Bali. It culminated in the couple being showered by flower petals, and having a ride on an elephant's back. She has three children: Isabelle, Robert Maximilian, and Conrad.

Today, Pia is the Creative Ambassador for Sephora, a beauty store owned by LVMH. She is said to enjoy art and literature, as well as writing.

Out of the three sisters, Pia is also the most private. She is only occasionally photographed at functions and fashion shows, nor does she like it when her children's pictures appear in publications. Pia is also said to be a very hands-on and devoted mother to her children.

Marie-Chantal Claire Miller was born in London on September 17, 1968. She is the second daughter of Robert and Chantal, and was also raised in Hong Kong and Europe.

In 1993, Marie-Chantal met Crown Prince Pavlos at a friend's party in New Orleans; the couple say it was love at first sight. They became engaged during January of 1995, when Pavlos proposed in a cable car in Gstaad.

Their wedding, which took place at the Greek Orthodox Cathedral of St. Sophia in July 1995, was a cosmopolitan affair billed as the Society Wedding of the Year. Guests included the monarchs of Britain, Denmark, Jordan, Spain and Sweden, and culminated in a large reception at Hampton Court. The guest list was so large that some of the attendees had to watch the wedding ceremony at Hampton Court via satellite because the cathedral could not accomodate them all. (See News Articles on MC's Wedding for more details.)

Pavlos and Marie-Chantal, who carries the title of HRH Crown Princess Pavlos of Greece, have three children: Maria-Olympia (b.1996), Constantine Alexios (b.1998), and newborn Achileas-Andreas. Their first two children's christenings were also splashy affairs that respectively took place in Istanbul and London. Maria-Olympia counts the Prince of Wales among her godparents, while Constantine Alexios's godfather is Prince William of Wales.

Today, Marie-Chantal works for several philanthropic organizations, including the New York City Ballet. She is also said to be coming out with an illustrated book on children's fairy tales, as well as with a layette collection.

Alexandra Natasha Miller was born on October 3, 1972. She is the youngest daughter of Robert and Chantal, and was also raised in Hong Kong and Europe.

While in an elevator at her family's apartment building, Alexandra met Alexandre von Fürstenberg, who was then just a friend of Marie-Chantal's.

He proposed on an old bridge near his mother's Connecticut estate of Cloudwalk, and on October 8, 1995, the couple married at the Church of St. Ignatius Loyola in New York. Like her sisters' weddings, hers was a splashy affair that took place over a course of three days. (This Vanity Fair article has lots of details.)

Today, Alexandra works for her mother-in-law Diane's fashion business as a Creative Director, and helped resurrect Diane's trademark little wrap dress. She too is active on the New York social scene as a chairperson for several fundraisers. In addition, she and Alexandre are both raising their little girl, Talita (b. 1999), who was recently christened in Austria. (For pictures of her christening, see Jay's Miller Sister Page in the Christenings section, and Brigitte's Von Fürstenberg Photo Album.).

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