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Fiction - Esoteric, psychic and spiritual related

Short esoteric and relationship stories - but are they real of fiction?

This is a collection of stories based on my experience of psychic and esoteric intuition and the people I met through my work, plus a bit of life experience.


I spend hours every day to bring you articles, stories, information for Londoner's and writers searching for research into London life. I only earn money when someone employs me to build a website, to write an article or book a psychic reading. If I can continue to work from home then I can continue to bring you articles and my journal. Please consider visiting the links here to keep it free. If you want to buy anything I receive commission on what you spend. Thank you.

About the author


Esoteric fiction

Angel of karma

Angel of Karma was written after a friend told me she had contacted an Angel, an experience unlike what most people expect based on written truths within a Wiccan book of shadows known as the 'Pauline art.'

Burning justice

Burning Justice was written for a competition based on 'heat' after a heated debate on the rights and wrongs of religion and persecution.

Human interest fiction

Break out baby!

Break out baby! was inspired by me wondering what a baby might feel like as the mother goes into labour.

Sometimes love is only sleeping

Sometimes love is only sleeping was written after a day trip to France mixed with the inspiration from a Monkees song. I also think we can all dislike the person we love and must not let situations become habit. At the end of the story are the lyrics to the song.

Yes Dear!

Yes Dear! was written for a writing assignment a few years ago. The idea was to finish with the same sentence that I started with. I wrote this story after my cat 'Lizzy' had died. My husband pretends to dislike animals but really just won't admit he loves them, therefore the main character acts the way he does.

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