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Lynda's esoteric web - Awards

Win an Award presented by Lynda's esoteric web for your 100% original website.

You can enter your website to win an award. This award will not be given lightly and winners could go on to win a gold award too each time I see an outstanding website.


Your website must be 100% original in content and design. It can be any subject or theme as long as you have used your own design, graphic and written content.

Your site must be easy to understand and navigate with all links working, including any on the links page, if you have one, to websites outside of your own.

This award will not be given lightly and if you are turned down you can re-apply after correcting your website.

No adult/racist/or sites I deem as unsuitable for children sites need apply. You will have more luck if your website is educational or contains interesting content to go with your excellent original graphic design.

If you would like to win my award please email the URL with your name to: Lynda Please enter 'For Award' as the subject of your email.

Sample Award

Winners of Lynda's esoteric web award.

The Ebondragon's Lair

Angels Breath

Larry's educational resources This link is no longer active because it now redirects to a site that my award was not awarded to.

All links are checked regularly and I will only link to you if you are fair enough to link back via the award given.

Award for educational help for others.

My new award has been created for a website with excellent content educating, helping others to understand an illness:

If your website is similar in content you can apply for this award too.

Sample Award


I spend hours every day to bring you articles, stories, information for Londoner's and writers searching for research into London life. I only earn money when someone employs me to build a website, to write an article or book a psychic reading. If I can continue to work from home then I can continue to bring you articles and my journal. Please consider visiting the links here to keep it free. If you want to buy anything I receive commission on what you spend. Thank you.

Awards won by various pages on Lynda's esoteric web.

5th March 2002
1st February 2003


Lynda's esoteric web has been reviewed and chosen to bear the 2002-2003 Golden Web Award. "You and Your Staff at Lynda's esoteric web have Obviously Worked Very Hard - Proudly Display Your Award - AT YOUR BUSINESS, HOME or OFFICE: For Your Clients, Colleagues and Friends to Admire. We consider it both an honor and privilege to welcome you to the International Association of Web Masters and Designers.


Your website has been reviewed and chosen to bear the Writing Tips Award. Only the best writing tips sites of the net are voted to receive Writing Tips Award. The criterion for winning remains a challenge to even the best writing advice webmasters. That being said, the primary benefit of winning the Writing Tips Award is the recognition of your commitment to the pursuit of website excellence. Furthermore, it represents that your website is considered an outstanding resource for writing advice, incorporating high standards of originality and content. Most importantly, the Writing Tips Award lets others know you are viewed as a respected professional by your peers, one who is deserving of recognition.

Thank you, Doreen Yessayan Cy Solutions Corporation

Nice web site you got there - YOU GET THE AWARD!

I hope you like the award - you deserve it!

Excellence Web Site Awards

CONGRATULATIONS! - Your site has been considered by our review panel and has been awarded an "Excellence" award.

Well Done on your web site, we hope you choose to display the award with pride.

The Excellence Award Team

9th July 2002

Dear Lynda Thank you for applying for the Fabulous Woman Award. I have now reviewed your site and think that you are a Fabulous Woman with a Fabulous Website.

14th July 2002

Congratulations !

You have just won one of Lindor's Awards!

The BRONZE one!

16th July 2002

Congrats on winning our award.You have a great homepage.Keep up the good work.

10th August 2002

Congratulations, your website has been submitted to us either by yourself or one of your visitors and you have won one of our awards.

You have won this award because of your site content and ethics.

9th September 2002

hiya Lynda,

Your site was a pleasure to look at and im very pleased you decided to apply for my award : ) thank you VERY much : )

10th December 2002

3rd February 2003

Congrats on a great site!

14th April 2003

Congratulations from all the staff at Art Space You have won the "World Web Award of Excellence" for originality, overall design and appearance, ease of navigation, and content. Keep up the good work. Sincerely, Art Space


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