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Each writer is unique. A writers style can vary depending on the project, subject or market. My articles on web pages are slightly different to the ones that have been published by magazines because my audience is more varied. It needs to be universal both in content and in style.

An editor will target a certain audience for their magazine but the web has many readers through the world, with different styles of their own. In the US grammar can differ from here in the UK, we place a full-stop inside quote marks and the US writers on the outside. This is only one of our many differences.

After my first articles were published at Themestream I had several emails pointing out that I had used bad grammar or made mistakes such as using SSAE instead of SASE. In fact we say Stamped Self Addressed Enveloped and the Australian writer who corrected me uses Self Adressed Stamped Envelope. The moral of this episode is quite simple, learn other styles and techniques and never forget to mention where in the world you come from when writing on the Internet.


I spend hours every day to bring you articles, stories, information for Londoner's and writers searching for research into London life. I only earn money when someone employs me to build a website, to write an article or book a psychic reading. If I can continue to work from home then I can continue to bring you articles and my journal. Please consider visiting the links here to keep it free. If you want to buy anything I receive commission on what you spend. Thank you.

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