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Articles - Esoteric, psychic and spiritual related

If you are developing your intuition or searching for some spiritual enlightenment it can be a daunting experience and these articles can help. The first step in psychic development is to understand the basic principles of techniques from all traditions so you can then make an informed choice for your individual spiritual path. A good way to begin is to meditate using the 7 breaths meditation. This is helpful to cleanse your aura in preparation or to calm and relax you before and after the practise of divination, counselling and healing. Other articles will help you to be aware of symbolism and how to improve your relationships with others.

If you have any questions about any of my articles please email and I will get back to you, or just let me know if they are useful and what you are interested in seeing in future articles.

Most of these articles were written for my development circle and have been published at Themestream and elsewhere on the Internet. More articles will be added regularly so don't forget to bookmark this page and return often.


I spend hours every day to bring you information for Londoner's and writers searching for research into London life. I only earn money when someone employs me to build a website, to write an article or book a psychic reading. If I can continue to work from home then I can continue to bring you articles and my journal. Please consider visiting the links here to keep it free. If you want to buy anything I receive commission on what you spend. Thank you.

How to get the best possible reading

7 Breaths - Meditation to cleanse your aura

A connection of circles - History of rings.

Snake symbolism

The Kundalini

Rainbow moods

Animal Guardians (Updated Nov 2002)

Candle magic - part 1

Candle/colour magic - part 2

Numerology for beginners

If you are feeling creative and ready to use your knowlege of magic in the creation of icing, sugarcraft and cake making then go to my new section of sugarcraft and esoteric cakes for articles and pictures of magically inspired design.

Articles - Inspirational

Recipe for love

A fresh start

Back at school aged forty? Scary!

Creative visualisation and miserable people

Wonder weeds

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