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Introduction to this web site.

Lynda's web awards

If you came here from another site this page should automatically free you. If you are still trapped in a frame then please click here to get out now and see the page as it should be!

Here you will find my graphics and links to computing, articles on various subjects and loads more. I hope you find what you came for and leave feeling enlightened and inspired. 

Starting a business or promoting an existing one?

Maybe you want a website that will:

Show your creative graphics, tell others about your experiences, discover your genealogy or a showcase for your on-line CV, writing/pictures or talk about your hobby?

If you don't know where to start and want a professional site design specific to your needs then it's your lucky day!

Web and Graphic Design

I am a qualified web/ graphic designer with programming, computer building, upgrade and networks experience, and in-depth Internet promotion skills. I can build you an individual web page, a whole site, or design your promotional flyers using your specifications/graphics or designs or I can design them for you. I create graphics specifically for your needs and will draw up an individual promotion package to suit your needs. Email me an outline of your requirements for a very reasonable quote. I will design your web pages and ask for approval before placing them onto the Internet. If you live in South East London, I can add them directly to your computer and teach you how to maintain or I can update and upgrade for you for a small fee. I am also used to completing projects with a deadline.

Based in Greenwich London SE10 England

Call me - Tel: 020-8305-0524 or 07818 658 209 for details and prices or email me now.

Please take the '+' out of the email address. This has been added to stop harvesters from sending me thousands of emails.

For reasons why you should employ me click the graphic for my fun CV followed by my real one.

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New for November 2002!

Sugarcraft and cake decoration for magical cake decoration using esoteric knowledge.

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