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Angel of Karma
by Lynda Archard
©: 2001

‘Listen carefully before delving into the world of magic and angels. Keep thoughts of greed far from your mind forever. For in the ‘old ways,’ there is always a ‘price’ to pay......Oh! And there could be a shock or two in store at the winter solstice. As the new dabbling occultist will discover...... Karmic law states ‘nothing in the universe is free.’ Sometimes it just isn’t worth it!’

“Oh, I’ll read it later.” Sighed Ami. Flicking her long Auburn hair over her shoulders. Because of her interest in magic, Ami’s mother, Mary, had warned Ami of the ‘dark side.’ She said Ami may not believe what she was about to hear. But Mary didn’t get to finish the story, always being interrupted by something. She gave Ami the book of Karma instead. Mary died the following year, taking her secret with her.

Ami bent down, placing the paperback onto the cabinet in the corner of her room. She had four small cabinets, one in each corner, with four candle lamps shining brightly in front of her pictures on them. She loved the pictures of her angels, that her grand-mother, Liz, had given to her.

Liz and Mary were practising witches, and both talked of their amazing encounters with spirits. They knew Ami had the instinct of the ‘craft’ too, but kept her away from it until she was older. They had warned her to listen and learn before dabbling.

Ami, now 21, didn’t bother to heed the warnings, but decided to dabble anyway. She had no idea of what the angels were like in reality, having just listened to the bits she liked. Both Liz and Mary had talked of the potency of magic, and the principle of ‘need’ as opposed to ‘greed.’

Ami liked the idea of changing her life, toying with the idea of invoking angels. They could help you gain success, she’d heard, something Ami wanted badly.

That day, she had changed the room around for the third time to prepare for theritual. Not giving much thought to her actions, she chanted words her grand-mother had once used. She didn’t realise that thought was often heard in magical traditions. The first thought alerts the forces of your intentions, on the second request they listen, while at the third request, your wish is granted. Ami thought of herself as a powerful witch, and asked for a successful career, not considering the price, or how it can be achieved. It sounded so easy - just ask 3 times!

Ami had placed a table in the centre, with occult items. A statue of a god, a goddesses with a crescent moon above her head, two candles, a crystal, chalice, pentacle, and some fresh flowers in a vase. All neatly arranged on a green cloth. The altar was set!

Ami had every intention of reading the book first, but couldn’t bring herself to pick it up again tonight. And anyway, why should she read it when magic was in her blood?

Ami went to her bed, and left her ritual for tomorrow. She glanced at the clock as she slipped beneath her quilt. ‘10.30pm, was that all?’

In the early hours, Ami was woken by a crackling noise echoing through the house. Still half asleep, she staggered from her bedroom.

Just as she was about to enter the living room, the door slammed shut. “Oh! What?” She screamed. Ami was awake now, and extremely annoyed as she found it difficult to go back to sleep again, once disturbed. She opened the door again.

Suddenly, Suki, Ami’s black cat, arched her back and hissed toward the altar.

Ami looked around the room, saying reassuring words to calm Suki when one of the angel pictures flew off the wall. A loud thud and a smash of glass ripped the silence as it crashed to the floor!

Suki ran for the bedroom. Slowly and with great caution Ami stooped and picked up the picture.

The sweat now poured down her body as fear captured her nerves. On this cold December 21st morning, she ‘felt’ a ‘presence’ in the room.

She turned and ran, as sparks of blinding light began to create the most spectacular, and frightening, fire-work display she had ever seen. Right in the middle of her living room!

Too scared to go back, she barricaded herself and Suki in the bedroom. Shaking and fearful, she looked at the book. This time the words of the title jumped out at her. ‘Beware the Wrath of Karma.’ She fumbled quickly through the pages, praying that she would soon wake, if indeed asleep.

Why was an entity growing in her living room? As she tried to hastily read, Suki, still shaking from head to tail, began hissing and spitting as a voice came from behind.

“You called!” Bellowed the deep voice.

Ami, realised the entity was standing behind her, she turned, slowly. She was by far too numb and horror-struck to speak. Convinced she would die, all her fears welled in the pit of her stomach and she stared at the sight before her in disbelief.

There stood a magnificent regally demanding angel. Not like her pretty pictures at all. An angel with six wings, his feet flat to the floor, head stooped, but still touching the ceiling. He must have been at least eight feet tall.

Two translucent pastel coloured wings swept around his face, covering his deep glowing red eyes. Another pair of wings swept around his legs. A third middle pair stretched out. His body had a glow around it, as if he stood before a bright light. He wore a flowing purple gown of silk, though not like anything seen on earth. His muscled arms carried a huge two edged sword with a massive ruby at the hilt.

“Why did you call me?” He demanded with impatience.

“No! I mean, I didn’t, sorry.... Sir.” Ami stuttered in reply.

“Do not play with the forces that be! Have you no concern for others with your greed, and desires? You do not understand the power you posses child. Remove the items from their invoking positions. I shall spare you now and return to my realm. But before I go.....remember, those who practise the magical art must always be prepared. Do not again call, for next time you will not be spared my wrath!”

The blinding light filled the room again, forcing Ami to cover her eyes. Ami dared not look again. Feeling confused and afraid, she cuddled Suki while falling into a deep trance-like sleep.

While Ami was sleeping, Mary entered her dream. Her mother’s friendly face pleased her.

Again she repeated what she had always said - “Don’t play with magic. Keep your thoughts pure. I have been with you to protect you at all times, but you must learn more first. The book contains the warnings, and explains how we as humans have forgotten the dangers in our eagerness for power. You are safe now, but let it be a warning - Think perfect love and perfect thoughts, So Mote It Be!”

Ami woke with a start. Was it all a dream? She walked into the living room to find the broken glass from the picture, and sat down to think it over once more. Never again would she try anything without study first!

Only Ami, and the practicing occultist would know of the true dangers that lie before us in the calling of angels. Accidental dabbling or not. ~


Background to story: Too many people are willing to dabble with the unknown. This was written after I met a few people who dabbled without enough knowlege to deal with whatever they experienced to teach a lesson to newcomers of the occult and angel magic. Some people are more powerful than they think and we all need to control our thoughts and feelings towards others and think positive at all times.

The description of my angel is based on real descriptions and experience from occultists. Angels do not like to be played with and are simply messangers from God.

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© Lynda Archard