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Available now 'Tarot Tactics,' an e-book for those wanting to learn or better their tarot skills. (Posted via email on receipt of payment)

My article entitled 'A psychic way of life' is now published at The Holistic Shop library. It has generated lots of interest in my work and I would like to say thank you to everyone who has taken time to comment or ask me questions. I love to hear from you so thank you for taking the time!

As my bio states under that article, I really do have a collection of over 4000 books on spirituality, esoteric, psychic, occult, witchcraft and religion subjects. I don't claim to know all the answers but I can find an answer to any question you ask me. Please remember my FREE advice is for questions regarding spiritual development and my work only!

If you require a reading please go to: this link for details of prices for psychic readings.

It has also given me the opportunity to revamp and create new graphics for people searching for a web designer and want to see what else I can create. You will find everything that was here, all about my work, how to contact me, links and articles at the new site when it is completed.

Meanwhile, the complete old site is being revamped.

  • Buy or bid for a full psychic reading at Ebay!

    To order a full £25 email psychic reading and to pay by paypal please click here and then send an email to me with your full name and date of birth:

    PayPal is an easy way to buy and sell on-line using credit cards and cheques. Click here to find out more or open a paypal account:

    I accept payment through PayPal!, the #1 online payment service!

    Buy a full in-depth reading now from E-BAY

    Visit my page at E-BAY to see what I am selling at the moment.

    Also available - Individual workshop via Email - £25

    Workshops designed to suit the individual available as a one-to-one in Greenwich, email and as a stand-alone Ebook. All with personal consultation via email or telephone for the price of one tarot reading.

    Divination - mediumship - symbolism - tarot

    Please email for more details.

    Advice for developing your own psychic ability

    Setting out to develop your intuition and psychic ability can be daunting. I can advise on how to get started, various divination techniques, mediumship and explain anything that you are unsure about during your development and training.

    I have run courses and a development circle since 1990 and worked professionally at psychic fairs in the UK during that time. I am a published esoteric author of articles and ebooks such as 'Tarot Tactics,' 'Psychic Travellor,''Colour Magic' and 'Numerology for beginners.'

    My study of all things psychic and religion started in 1976 and is an on-going experience. With a collection of over 4000 books I can find you the answers you are searching for.

    Get live advice on the telephone now by clicking the link below.

    SORRY I am not available for one-to-one readings until further notice due to work commitments. Email readings will be done within a few days of PayPal receipt.

    For articles click the button below.

    If you are feeling creative and ready to use your knowlege of magic in the creation of icing, sugarcraft and cake making then go to my new section of sugarcraft and esoteric cake design.

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