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Welcome to my new website


I finally got the time to revamp! My first web site was created in 1999 after I started College to gain some qualifications that included web and graphic design followed by a revamp in 2001. After that I started teaching computer subjects professionally and my years of teaching esoteric subjects became a career as a qualified tutor of City & Guilds IT System Support and Btec Level 3 in PC System Support subjects, which included web design.

Anyway...web design was not on my timetable this year so I have recently concentrated on creating an ancestry website and now revamping my original website as of this week.

All my old articles are still here and some sections are still needing the new addition graphics such as backgrounds. If you have been here before you have probably realised I am still a creature of habit so even though I have created new graphics and my layout is different it is all still created in my old colour scheme so your eyes shouldn't hurt whilst reading. I do intend to create more articles so please feel free to tell me what you are interested in and I welcome your thoughts on any improvements or additions you think will improve my site. You can click the link on the left to email me.

I still have various subjects of interest so my creative and less logical interests in subjects such as esoteric/psychic, sugarcraft and knitting links are on the left and other more practical interests such as writing, web design, computing and teaching are on the right. If you have studied the Kabbalah then you will know why. Do you walk down the left-hand path or the right-hand path? Or are you like me - a bit of both! :)

Links on the left include:

  • Psychic readings and esoteric articles
  • Sugarcraft
  • Knitting

Links on the right include:

  • Lynda's London
  • Computer and web design advice and articles
  • Ancestry help and advise
  • Writing advice and short stories and random articles on life as I know it


Now I will tell you the important stuff and why you should make a cup of tea and stay for a while:

This is a site for readers/writers/publishers searching for esoteric/computer fiction and non-fiction. I am also a UK author/web designer and you can employ me to create, edit and maintain or revamp your own web site/showcase. Everything you will see is 100% original content and design.

What you can get from this site (not yet all updated with my new graphics):

  • Pictures - London, Greenwich, Kent and the South East.
  • Web and graphic design for inspiration.
  • Articles and fiction from an author/writer available for commission.
  • A tarot reader , numerologist, medium - based in London UK. Lifestyle charts (a complete research including your astrology, numerology, chinese year, shaman chart and name meanings.) Past life readings, courses and workshops.
  • Lynda's London - is currently changing and being up-dated. It has a link to the old site - a daily journal of descriptions and pictures of London at night covering April 2002 to September 2002.
  • Esoteric cake decoration and sugarcraft. I decided there is not enough inspiration for cake decorators and eaters that want cakes decorated with traditional occult designs, so I made some. (Graphic designers can do anything on any surface using any technique - I also trained to be a chef). There are pictures of other cakes for Birthdays, Xmas and retirement.

Our camper was stolen!

Stolen in the early hours of Wednesday 13th March 2013 from Greenwich, London SE10

Our romahome was stolen from Greenwich London in the early hours of Wednesday 13th March. It is a detachable 1986 series 7 roma pod on a Daihatsu Hijet pick-up - Registration BK02PZM

I would very much appreciate you contacting me if it should be offered to you or you see it anywhere. Thank you very much for your time.


Old but still important articles:

Serial bullying in the workplace should never be tolerated! - November 2005


Updates and new stuff will be here when ready



I think it will take me until at least about 2013 to finish updating every page so I hope you find something of interest and come back in the future. Enjoy!





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