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Esoteric Cakes and Sugarcraft
by Lynda Archard
©: Lynda Archard 2000

A craft of Cakes

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Cakes have always been used in rituals and celebration across the world spanning centuries. Here you will find some of my creations and articles covering how they were made and the magical reasoning behind my designs and the colour schemes plus more. Do you know the significance of blowing out a candle?

Here are two pictures of my Samhain cake.

This cake is made from moulding pieces of sugar paste into the shapes of a witch and her tools of trade. There is an athame, a spell book, a dish of seeds, a pumpkin and a crystal ball. Each piece is coloured with small amounts of food colour before moulding then left to dry before arranging onto the cake and sticking with a small amount of royal icing coloured to match the cake.

This part of Lynda's esoteric is still very new and I will be adding more articles, recipes, tips and pictures within the next few weeks. Articles will include the meaning of flowers used in sugarcraft so you can create a clear message. You can go to my article section to find out some other meanings of spiritual significance or use the pictures of my other cakes for inspiration in your own creations and design.

Articles and pictures

The magic of cakes and pictures of a retirement cake.

This article tell you why certain colours were used for this retirement cake. The symbolism will ensure good fortune and acceptance of a new life.

Easter cakes.

Other cake pictures.

Here are pictures of 5 Christmas 2002 cakes, two wedding cakes and four birthday cakes.

Birth sign cakes.

Kitchen, cooking and food related myths.

Kitchen myths and food related superstition are often associated with facts that cooks should not ignore.

My bio:

Be careful while making a magical cake - your thoughts go into it as well as the ingredients!

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