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My bio
by Lynda Archard
©: March 18th 2002

English and writing

At the age of 14 I decided to do 'A' level English. It was my best subject and I was willing to learn as much as possible. My teacher, who I won’t name because she knows who she is, kept me in the CSE class. For the next two years I was angry and frustrated and I hated school and my English teacher. The week before my exam I should have had at least 32 pieces of work in my folder so I rushed out a few poems and short stories. By the time I sat the exam I had eight pieces of work and all got top marks. I passed my CSE by a cats’ whisker with a grade 4. Straight after I was chatting to a friend who informed me that if I had got a grade 1 it counted as an 'O' (Ordinary - but harder than todays exams) level and I could have then entered for the 'A' (Advanced) level. Oh how I really hated that teacher for not giving me that information. My blood is still reaching boiling point as I am writing this and now I am 42 years old and a published writer. I vowed to fight for the right of my children to enter an exam if their teacher said they couldn’t do a subject they loved. Luckily times have changed and my children could enter any subject with or without the influence of a teacher.

At the age of 34 I applied for a correspondence course and started writing again. Since then my article 'A fresh start' was published in 'Prediction' magazine and when I discovered the Internet articles were published in on-line publications such as 'Feline Fables,' and 'Writers Brew.' You can find articles on various other websites and more articles and short stories on this site, including writers' tips.

No matter who you are, or how old, if you want to do something then stick at it. Here on the Internet there is a market for your writing. Different styles, generes, audiences, are waiting for you. If you can't find the type of story or article that you are looking for then create it. If other writers tell you that you have made a mistake then take another look, if you are still satisfied and your work is liked and read by YOUR audience then say thank you and tell them politely that this is your own style and that you have and know your audience and what they want - I did!


I trained as a chef for two years. I prefered silver service waitressing and vegetable cookery, mainly making up flowers and stuff out of vegetables to decorate buffets. I decided not to go into it as a profession and get a job in the creative side of cake decorating and sugarcraft. The last job was filled by the time my career advisor got around to calling the local bakers so I shrugged and agreed to train as a hairstylist instead. I still do both and with a family of two adults and 5 children I have saved loads of money as well as earned it. Cooking for all of them and often their friends too is not a problem - But I cannot cook for two and so I'm dreading when the last one leaves home. At least the freezer will always be full!

Computers, web and graphic design

After playing around with such things as The Atari, Sinclair and then my 286 DOS computer I aquired my Aptiva with Windows 95. The Aptiva changed everything I had learned and was so easy to use that I wanted to learn more. I crashed that thing so many times while delving into the depths of the programs that by the time I went to college for a City & Guilds course in Networking and micro processors, in 1998, I already knew the basics. I learned how to pull a computer apart and rebuild it, program in Visual Basic and use various programs. I had already worked extensively with HTML and website building since joining the Internet world in 1994. I keep up-to-date by reading and constantly playing with my own computer and I have recently been looking into starting a computer forensic course in London. I build, repair and upgrade as a freelance computer engineer and web/graphic designer and I am an ICT tutor along-side Simon on the City & Guilds 7262 for IT practitioners course.

Psychic counsellor

In between all of that I have studied every occult science you can think of, practised and taught divination. I worked at psychic fairs for ten years as a tarot consultant and I have a regular clientelle. Please click the link to 'psychic readings' for more information about email and one-to-one readings and tuition.

I am an accomplished talker after doing demonstrations at psychic fairs and available for talks and demonstrations on any of the above subjects for your groups. Email for details with your requirements.

Besides the experience that comes with doing the things I love it also helps to have some qualifications. Below are the few I have collected over recent years just to prove I can do these subjects well. Of course I have included the only exam I took upon leaving school back in 1976.

Qualifications to date

For reasons why you should employ me click the graphic for my fun CV followed by my real one.

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