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Australian Animal Tarot Deck


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About the Author

The 78 Animals

    1. KOOKABURRA /KINGFISHER ~ Laughter; Joy

    2. PARROT (Budgerigar) ~ Beauty; Foraging

    3. ECHIDNA (Spiny Anteater) ~ Personal Boundaries; Comfort Zone; Single Mind

    4. TASMANIAN DEVIL ~ Aggression; Determination

    5. WOMBAT (Hairy-Nosed Wombat) ~ Survival; Tenacity

    6. BEE ~ Builder; Worker; Service

    7. CROW ~ Law; Council; Tools

    8. PENGUIN (King Penguin) ~ Agility; Play

    9. PLATYPUS ~ Camouflage; Timid

    10. DUGONG (Sea Cow) ~ Sacred Gifts; Provider; Walk gently

    11. FROG (Giant Green Tree Frog) ~ Cleansing; Emotional Healing

    12. DUNNART (Fat-Tailed Dunnart) ~ Alertness; Scrutiny

    13. CASSOWARY ~ Respect; Reputation

    14. COCKATOO (Sulphur Crested) ~ Friendship; Self-esteem

    15. BUTTERFLY ( Mountain Blue - Ulysses) ~ Transformation; Grace

    16. GOANNA (Perentie) ~ Curiosity; Power

    17. SEAL (Australian Fur Seal) ~ Adaptation; Contentment; Environment

    18. RAVEN (Australian Raven) Magick; Mystery~

    19. DOG (Australian Cattle Dog)~ Companionship; Loyalty; Smell

    20. TASMANIAN TIGER ( Thylacine)~ Illusion; Elusiveness

    21. BILBY (The Greater Bilby)~ Solitude; Conquering Fear

    22. LIZARD/GECKO ~ Dreamtime; Letting Go

    23. BANDICOOT~ Integrity; Mobility

    24. POTOROO (Long-nosed Potoroo) ~ Discovery; Newness

    25. CROCODILE (Saltwater) ~ Past Lives; Secrets; Watchfulness

    26. SPIDER (Red Back Spider)~ Weaving; Interconnectedness

    27. HAWK (The Black Kite) ~ Communication; Truth; Soul Healing

    28. DINGO ~ Shadows; Deception; Intention

    29. KOALA ~ Holding On; Selectiveness; Sharing

    30. TURTLE (Loggerhead Turtle)~ Mother Earth; Healing Knowledge

    31. MAGPIE (Australian Magpie)~ Protection; Swiftness

    32. EMU ~ Attentiveness; Action

    33. EAGLE (Wedgetail Eagle)~ Spirit; Spiritual Healing

    34. DOLPHIN (Bottle-nosed) ~ Essence; Beginning; Chi

    35. ANT (Green Tree Ant)~ Patience; Teamwork; Community

    36. TURKEY (Brush Turkey) ~ Give-away; Sharing

    37. BAT (The Greater Long-eared Bat)~ Renewal; Rebirth

    38. BOWERBIRD (Golden Bowerbird)~ Attraction; Inquisitiveness

    39. BROLGA ~ Dancing; Hypnotic

    40. SNAKE (Green Tree Python)~ Transmutation; Life Force

    41. WHALE (Humpback Whale)~ Keeper of Records; Memories

    42. SUGAR GLIDER (Feather Tailed Glider)~ Faith; Trust

    43. POSSUM (Ringtail Possum)~ Ego; Persistence

    44. KANGAROO/WALLABY~ Abundance; Family

    45. OWL (Tasmanian Masked Owl)~ Vision; Silence; Intuition

    46. NUMBAT (Banded Anteater) ~ Preparedness; Gathering

    47. LYREBIRD (Superb Lyrebird) ~ Imitation; Shyness

    48. QUOLL (Native Tiger Cat - Western Quoll) ~ Intelligence; Fearless

    49. MANTA RAY (Devil Fish)~ Ebb & Flow

    50. CAT (Domestic) ~ Resourcefulness; Independence

    51. DOVE~ Feminine Energy of Peace & Love; Prophecy

    52. BRUMBY(Australian Wild Horse) ~ Power; Endurance; faithfulness

    53. SEAGULL (Pacific Gull)~ Communicating with Deities; Responsibility

    54. SHARK (The Great White)~ Remorselessness; Movement

    55. PEACOCK ~ Representation of God; Yin Yang; Immortality

    56. MOSQUITO ~ Irritation; Mutation

    57. FLY (Aussie Bush Fly)~ Laziness; Breakdown

    58. PRAYING MANTAS ~ Prayers; Stillness

    59. SWAN (The Black Swan)~ Patience; Quiet Time; Divination

    60. MUD CRAB ~ Sideway Movement; Protection of Home

    61. CHICKEN (Woodhen)~ Pecking; Seeking; Inner Voice;

    62. ORCA (Killer Whale) ~ Shadow Side; Acceptance; Soul Song

    63. COW (Brahman)~ Great Mother Goddess; Alter to Danger

    64. CAMEL ~ Vastness; Burdens

    65. PELICAN ~(The Australian Pelican) Recovery from Loss; Control; Storage

    66. RABBIT/HARE ~ Hidden Teachings; Humility

    67. BEETLE (Christmas Beetle)~ Centre of Universe; Spiritual Enlightenment

    68. WASP ~ Sisterhood; Female Warrior Spirit

    69. CURLEW ~ (Bush Thick-kneed Curlew) Soul Lessons; Messenger of Change

    70. SEA DRAGON ~ Fatherhood; Masculine Energy

    71. MOTH/CATERPILLAR (Emperor Moth)~ Whirlwind energy; Confusion

    72. STARFISH (The Blue Starfish)~ Regeneration; Connection to the stars

    73. SCORPION ~ Transmutation of poisons; Reflections

    74. OCTOPUS (Blue Ring) ~ Smoke Screen; Destroying Barriers

    75. DRAGONFLY ~ Dreams; Seeing the Truth

    76. WILLIE WAGTAIL ~ Protector; Relatives

    77. JELLY FISH (Portuguese Man of War) ~ Entanglement; Pain

    78. FOX/FLYING FOX ~ Shapeshifting; Stealth

Brolga - Air - Coins

Crocodile - Fire - Swords

Dragonfly - Earth - Wands/Rods

Penguin - Water - Cups

Sugar Glider - Major Arcana - The Lovers

'Australian Animal Tarot Deck'

By Ann Williams-Fitzgerald

Auz Vizions

Geroge Town, Tasmania 7253, Australia


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