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Vision; Silence; Intuition

The key words to our Owl are Vision, Silence, Intuition, Divination, Third Eye and Psychic Gifts. The Owl depicted on the deck is the Frogmouth owl but this wisdom is for all owls. [note: frogmouth is not a true owl]

Owl is card number 45 in the deck, so vibrates to the energy of 9 in numerology. The Number Nine is the beginning and end of each experience. The Number Nine is interesting in that every number added to it will remain the same number upon reduction, ie. 3+9=12=3 or 6+9=15=6. This leads to the realisation that nine is The Force of the Outgoing One, The Light and the Peace of the Number Two, The Imagination of the Number Three, The Form and Order of the Number Four, The Life and Progress of the Number Five, The Responsibility of the Number Six, The Intelligence and Perfection of the number Seven, the Decision of the Number Eight. The Number Nine is the Compassionate and Benevolent energy of resolution. Nine is The Alchemist... Colours being Red, Carmine, Lavender, Olive, Straw, and Smoke.

Nine is composed of the all-powerful 3x3. It is the Triple Triad. It represents completion; fulfilment; attainment; beginning and the end; the whole number; a celestial and angelic number.

Nine represents the Earthly Paradise. Nine is seen as an incorruptible number. It is the number of the circumference, its division into 90 degrees and into 360 for the entire circumference. Nine is symbolised by the two triangles, which are a symbol of male, fire, mountain and female, water, cave principles. Celtic legend symbolises nine as a highly significant number. It is a central number with the eight directions with the centre making nine. The Triple Goddesses are thrice three. There are nine Celtic maidens and nine white stones that symbolise the nine virgins attendant on Bridgit. Nine is connected with the Beltane Fire rites which are attended by 81(8+ 1= 9) men, nine at a time. If nine is your PERSONAL YEAR then this is the year of COMPLETIONS and ENDINGS. If something in your life doesn’t work you must let it go, or it will be taken from you. You are clearing away that which will not work in your next cycle, which begins next year. This can be a very difficult year, particularly if you do not like change. Take care of your health and diet.

Our Frogmouth Owl is depicted surrounded by a midnight blue sky, watching and connecting with spirit through his third eye. Through silence Owl receives his visions, through his intuition he ‘knows’ when to act. Owl knows all, sees all. Owl is also the card for the Third ‘I’ of the Three I’s of Integrity, Intention & Intuition with the symbol being in the bottom left hand corner.

The crystal of Owl is Azurite, which will enhance your psychic abilities and bring clarity of mind.

The Medicine

The medicine of Owl is Vision, Silence and Intuition. Owl glides through the night silently observing all that occurs. ‘Night Eagle’ as Owl is called has great vision as he is able to discern the precise moment to launch into action and achieve success. Through silence Owl is able to strike on the most unsuspecting prey. You will notice that should a threat become apparent in the territory of Owl, he will call out to let all who dwell nearby, share in his vision.

The Shadow Side

You do not stop long enough to hear your messages.

The Crystal – Azurite

Azurite is the stone of Heaven and will stimulate your guidance through your third eye. The place of visions.

The Message

If Owl has silently flown into your life, remember that great wisdom comes from silence, ‘Spirit’ echoes through the silence to send us his messages. It is important to allow the space for the silence, so you can hear ‘Spirits’ words. Great visions abound today for you, follow those visions and be guided. You will feel the energy shifts within today. You need to cultivate your psychic powers and follow your intuition.


Silence brings my messages

Owl has a message for you

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