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This site has been created to highlight our brothers and sisters in the Animal Family. All things on this Earth are connected to one another, we are all part of the same environment. So what affects them - the air, water, soil, forests, plants and stones - will affect us all as well. The animals of this Earth are our closest relation, and it is up to us as intelligent, rational beings to see that they are treated equally and that the Earth we share with them is clean and safe.

Man must learn to overcome the supposition that he is the ruler of the Earth, and that all creatures fall under his domain. All living things have rights, and mankind must be willing to acknowledge those rights and work to co-exist with our furry, scaly, finned and feathered brothers and sisters. We must have compassion and help protect these creatures, just as we would protect ourselves.

A true and noble leader rules with compassion and will protect their charges. We intend to bring a higher awareness of Animal Rights and show how important each and every one of them are.


  These pages will have facts, poetry, links and many other items of interest to support and help these creatures and to bring a higher awareness of Animal issues to all who visit here. We will present information that is important in our struggle to protect our Animal brothers and sisters.


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'Tiger Eyes' Tracy Hinschen