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Air Element






The Minor Arcana

While the Major Arcana express universal themes, the Minor Arcana bring those themes down into the practical arena to show how they operate in daily events. The Minor Arcana cards represent the concerns, activities and emotions that make up the dramas of our everyday lives.

There are 56 cards in the Minor Arcana divided into four suits: Wands, Cups, Swords and Pentacles. Each of these suits stands for a particular approach to life. For the purpose of the Australian Animal Tarot Deck the four suits we will be working with are Earth (Green - Mental), Water (Blue - Emotional), Fire (Red - Physical) & Air (Yellow - Material)

AIR - Yellow (Pentacles) - Material

Shape = circle

The Air (Yellow) is the suit of practicality, security and material concerns. It is associated with concrete requirements of working with matter. In Air, we celebrate the beauty of Nature, our interactions with plants and animals and our physical experiences within the body. Air also represents prosperity and wealth of all kinds. Sometimes this suit is called the Coins, an obvious symbol of the exchange of goods and services in the physical world.

Four Pentacles [AIR] 4. WILLIE WAGTAIL ~ Protector; Relatives

Don't be over protective of your money - put it out and let it work for you.

Willie wagtail hops into your life to remind you to be cheerful! Much nourishment can come from taking the time to present yourself as cheerful and gregarious to others, even if you're not particularly feeling either. Willie wagtail also comforts with the knowledge that when you reach out to others with cheerfulness, others will often reach out with the same warmth and a smile. Willie wagtail challenges people to guard their space and their territory effectively. Do you let others walk all over you? Do you leave your home open for all to stay with you, even though you need your own space? Do you never use aggression in your search for time to yourself. Willie wagtail's scolding energy encourages you to start erecting some boundaries! Maybe if you had more space to yourself, and time to recharge, you might be a happier and friendlier person like the territorial Willie wagtail.

If the seeker does not risk something, he or she will make no gains. This card also deals with issues of ownership, possessiveness, jealousy and opposition to change. Your fixed ideas are holding you back from fulfilment. Don't be too scared to change. You believe a certain amount of selfishness concerning your time and financial resources are needed to build a solid foundation. Financial stability. A commercial endeavour. Spending money on luxury items. Basing your identity on material goods. A show of wealth.

Reverse - Modest ambition. Reluctance to take risk. Playing it safe. Overburden of responsibility. A need to be in control breeds resentment. Setbacks in material holdings. Spendthrift.

Willie wagtail teaches us that it's okay to be territorial. In addition, it is time to acknowledge the ways in which you effectively maintain your space and/or home, and look at other ways you can protect yourself and make your living space more appealing and uplifting to you. If your home space can be made into a space that you love and that rewards you with happiness or positive memories, then you will leave that space feeling more well-disposed towards the world around you.

Six Pentacles [AIR] 6. BROLGA ~ Dancing; Hypnotic

Share your gifts with others. Remember to dance and enjoy life.

If Brolga has danced into your life,'Spirit' is asking you to look within and express your own creativity and to be prepared to allow the soul to dance. Be confident that 'Spirit' has given you all the tools you need for your own self-expression.
Be prepared to allow self-love to enter your life and stop being so critical of yourself. We are perfect as we are, no matter what others think. Express yourself and be prepared to allow your hypnotic rhythms of creativity to enhance your life once more. Utilize the gifts you already have. Romance may be heading your way today.

After the loss depicted in the five of pentacles, the six comes as a godsend. The six of pentacles represents a benevolent person who is generous enough to help the seeker out financially. (On the flip side, however, this could also mean that the seeker has been able to help someone else out.) Generosity, gratitude, charity and kindness. Worthwhile ideas are rewarded with bonus or raise. Financial assistance could be on the way. A burden is lifted. Sharing one's good will and knowledge. Lucrative business transaction.

Reverse - Accumulating debts. Mishandling money. Underhanded dealings. Theft. Greed. Exploitation. Selfishness. Envy.

Brolga energy is able to evoke the wisdom of storytelling. Many stories, particularly Indigenous stories and fairytales, share the wisdom of the land in a simple and straightforward way. Through stories about the creation of the earth and animals, and stories about our ancestors, we can come to understand how to conduct ourselves in this lifetime, we can also learn how to find a more enriching lifestyle through stories and words. Consider telling any personal stories to others, your own life; alternatively, read up and learn about stories of cultures and peoples that you are interested in. The 'storyteller' archetype is highlighted by Brolga energy, and you may also find that someone has come into your life who is sharing stories with you that you can learn a lot from.

Eight Pentacles [AIR] 8. HAWK ~ Communication; Truth; Soul Healing

Work and recognition is indicated. Talking your talk as well as walking your walk is important here.

Hawk teaches visionary power and clear sight with strong observation habits while using patience. He is a sign showing how to ride the winds of change, creativity amid the power to surrender oneself to Spirit's guidance. Hawk clarifies reality and reiterates that one is on the correct life path. He aids in truth and illumination, gives a sense of guardianship and watchfulness and reiterates wise and important of opportunities are opening up. His swiftness, wisdom, leadership and strength in actions will guide with honor, integrity with grace and beauty. He will show how to see more in life from a higher perspective of truth. Hawk will show you how to fulfill your soul's purpose. Be ready for a greater intensity to life for Hawk will guide you in the mind, body and spiritual aspects of your journey.
The eight represents the apprentice or the enthusiastic student, who pursues his or her work with the sheer joy of loving what he or she is doing. It emphasis that hard labour will bring its own rewards. It also suggests the need for meticulous attention to detail.
You may be in the apprentice stage but you are learning quickly through more education and experience. You can turn a hobby into a career. Enjoying work brings its own rewards.

Reverse - Dreading work. Felling trapped, unmotivated and despondent. Disappointed. An unfulfilling profession. Producing poor work. Exploitation. Lack of ambition. Vanity.

If hawk has focused on you 'Spirit' is urging you to listen to the messages he has sent your way. But remember he may have hidden the message in the trees, rocks or leaves, listen to the wind for the messages that may be carried within. The important message that Spirit sends is that he is with you , within all, and is always there. You will receive news today of great importance to you. Welcome this news knowing the Spirit has sent it.

Queen Pentacles [AIR] 13. MAGPIE (Australian Magpie) ~ Protection; Swiftness

Dark eyed woman who is generous of self. She will offer protection and guidance. Pisces influence.

Proper use of knowledge, intelligence, use what you have, chances for advancement with knowledge.

If Magpie has swooped your way, 'Spirit' is asking you to call on your swiftness of decision making. You have the ability to be a person who gets the job done quickly, "come on, lets get on with it". You can be an action kind of person. Also Magpie is warning you that today, you will need to be acutely aware of the goings on around you. Be watchful and careful. Be protective of self and your possessions. Magpies are extremely vocal especially in groups. They help those with this medicine learn how to use their voice to attract attention, attain desired goals as well as acquire respect from others. This applies only if this medicine is developed sufficiently. Otherwise the voice and its expression may need improvement for positive results to be obtained. Proper communication is one of the lessons that needs to be learned by magpie medicine people .
The Queen of Pentacles represents Mother Earth, procreating, nurturing and protective aspects of motherhood. She uses her power to help those less fortunate. An advocate. Charitable. Rules home and office. She is a practical go-getter. Your seeking creating and practical solutions and plans to business and family matters.

Reversed - Suspicion and fear. Sensing a threat to one's security. Not comfortable relying on others. Obsession with money. Unscrupulous behaviour. False prosperity. Neglected responsibilities. Vicious person. Fear of failure.

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