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Fire Element





The Minor Arcana

While the Major Arcana express universal themes, the Minor Arcana bring those themes down into the practical arena to show how they operate in daily events. The Minor Arcana cards represent the concerns, activities and emotions that make up the dramas of our everyday lives.

There are 56 cards in the Minor Arcana divided into four suits: Wands, Cups, Swords and Pentacles. Each of these suits stands for a particular approach to life.
For the purpose of the Australian Animal Tarot Deck the four suits we will be working with are Earth (Green - Mental), Water (Blue - Emotional), Fire (Red - Physical) & Air (Yellow - Material)

FIRE - Red (Swords) - Physical

Shape = triangle

The Fire (Red) is the suit of intellect, thought and reason. It is concerned with the ideals of justice, truth and ethical principles. A cloudless sky, open and light-filled, is a symbol of the mental clarity that is the Fire ideal. This suit is also associated with states that lead to disharmony and unhappiness. Fire represents challenges that arise when clarity is absent. Fire represents our shadowside.

2. FLY (Aussie Bush Fly) ~ Laziness; Breakdown

You need to confront the issues NOW and have the courage to face things.

The Fly teaches the ability to greatly multiply prosperity, endeavors and ventures at enormous rates. He shows how to be quick to act and respond to achieve results. Fly aids in demonstrating the power of keen eyesight along with expanding awareness in many directions. Although flies are known for carrying diseases in unfavorable surroundings, the lesson of fly is in the value of carrying your emotions, thoughts and feelings in order to act quickly in sometimes unfavorable or uncomfortable conditions. It takes about two weeks from hatching for new eggs to be laid, likewise, two weeks is significant in one's personal development. Are you ready for quick and abrupt changes? Are you ready to move quickly? Fly will show how to make quick changes for rapid growth.

The Two of Swords represents a stalemate. The seeker is in a situation where there is a tense balance and needs to make a choice and upset that balance in order to escape the situation. This could be because the seeker is not willing to accept some truth about themselves or the situation. You are at an impasse, immobilized by your fears. You are stuck at a fork in the road and don't know which way to go. Stalling in hopes the best choice will become obvious. Ignoring a problem won't make it go away. You will have to make a decision sooner of later. Balanced force. Harmony.

Reverse - movement. Deceit. Vulnerable to misleading information. Misrepresentation. False friends. Lies.

Fly lets you know that you're probably annoying others at this time. Behaviours like narcissism and arrogance are also indicated. Your importance in your ecosystem (both in nature and with those around you that are friends / family etc.) is not disputed, but your attitudes regarding that importance, or behaviours, are potentially putting people off.

We hit different peaks in our lives, peaks of self-loathing, and the peaks of self-importance and arrogance. It is through these peaks and understanding what motivates them that we can actually reach an equilibrium that respects the self and others with a sense of balance.

6. FOX /FLYING FOX ~ Shapeshifting; Stealth

A journey to calm troubled waters is indicated. Use stealth on this journey. Shapeshifting may be called for.

Fox is skilled and ingenious, cunning, a new world and creative process opening up, look in between yourself and others (physically, mentally, spiritually), teaches gentleness, swiftness and persistence, courage, power of observation, good eating habits and taking care of health concerns, shift awareness to feminine energies for balance. Fox can teach you how to walk in both worlds and in between since he is the master of camouflage and shape-shifting and walking the spaces in between. Are you in harmony with your surroundings? Blending in with others? It is a time to be careful and discriminating, aware of your communication abilities, and to be alert to your surroundings. Fox teaches how to be still and silent and all the qualities of patience.

When flying fox energy is in your life, all aspects of community come into sharp focus. Flying fox challenges you to fix or work on expanding your inter-relationships with others, and demands increased socialising so that you may nourish yourself by surrounding yourself with many different energies. Flying fox draws your attention to all facets of personal health. It is time to look at your every day diet and look at ways of changing it to make it better nourish your body and spirit. It may involve purchasing more organic foods, it may involve eating less unhealthy fats, growing your own vegetables, or even booking in to see a nutritionist. If you put unhealthy foods into your body, you get unhealthy results. Flying fox asks you to nourish yourself physically in a way that is healthy and rewarding.

The Six of Swords represents a calmer times after turbulence -- a period of recovery. This card suggests that the seeker is moving away from conflict either emotionally or physically. Change is coming for the better. Attempt at escaping problems. A headstrong attempt to overcome difficulties. This is a turning point. Your situation improves. Seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. Restrictions ease. A passage away from danger. An attempt to improve circumstances. Success after anxiety. Represents travel and movement, especially across water or abroad.

Reverse - Solutions are still elusive. Feeling despondent and powerless to affect change. Being caught in a vicious cycle of worry. Delay in travel. Dealing with unsolicited advances and harassment. Stalemate. Unwanted proposal.

7. CURLEW (Bush Thick-knee Curlew) ~ Soul lessons; Messenger of Change

Use prudence in your dealings today. You need to learn how to say NO without feeling guilty. You are trying to do too much.

Despite their ungainly appearance and habit of freezing motionless, Curlew are sure-footed, fast and agile on the ground, and although they seldom fly during daylight hours, they are far from clumsy in the air; flight is rapid and direct on long, broad wings. Curlew is asking you to slow down, take time to weigh up the situation, someone is not telling you the whole story. Protect your possessions.

The Seven of Swords signifies that the seeker must use tact instead of directly confronting his or her opponent. The seeker must also be careful whom he or she trusts. This card can also be a sign that the seeker is running from something, which might make the situation worse. Don't allow others to take advantage of you. Protect your possessions because someone might be out to rip you off. Mistrust and unnecessary secrecy is likely to lead to isolation and paranoia. Inspiration. Enthusiasm. A new direction and purpose. Recent events bring brighter days. Instilling hope and faith. New plans. Perseverance. Confidence.

Reverse - Poor advice. Lack of support. Underestimating skills. Discouraging remarks fuel your determination. Arguments. Slander.

Knight 12. CROCODILE (Saltwater) ~ Past Lives; Secrets; Watchfulness

There is a spy around you watching and waiting to create chaos. An enemy from the past.

Creation/destruction, birth/death, beginning of a new period and the death of the old, knowledge is transformed by a new level of growth, hidden wisdom awaits. Crocodile can teach you ancient knowledge that is currently hidden and gives strength to create your own opportunities. These guardians and protectors of wisdom will show how to move in the waters of the Self. Are you seeing things as they are and not what they appear to be? Are you consumed by the knowledge you are becoming unbalanced with meditation and quiet time? Crocodile's breathing awareness will help in balancing out transformations.

The Knight of Swords charges forward, conquering everything in his path. He's not afraid to ride into the eye of the storm. He is brave and aggressive and stands up for his beliefs. A determined young man who bravely faces opposition. A champion of human rights. There might be a need for a mental/physical show of strength. Focus on making your point. Be careful not to be headstrong or too aggressive. It's time to stop talking and start doing. There may be a whirlwind of social activity and a sudden positive surge in your work (creative lightning strikes).

Reverse - Incapacity. Imprudence. Dispute or ruin due to a woman. Impulsive mistakes. Conceited. A rash young man who enjoys conflict. Smug, chauvinist fool. Holds little opinion of others, especially women.

If Crocodile has been silently watching you 'Spirit' is asking you to look at your secrets that haven't seen the light of day. It is now time to shed light on them and to allow those hidden parts of you to be revealed. Allow the aspects of your past lives to illuminate your lessons, so as to ensure the certainty of your spiritual growth. Learn from Crocodile and be open enough to accept the truth and learn your lessons so that you may evolve into a more enlightened being and release the Karma from your ancestral body.

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