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SHARK (Great White)

The Medicine

Remorselessness; Movement

The Message

Opportunities are available to you - not always beneficial though! Something will disgust you in the coming weeks. Be careful what you digest as all may not be as it seems.

The Crystal – Gypsum

Shark (Great White)

Shark's Wisdom

•Ability to move constantly
•Never being caught off guard
•Ability to defend oneself

Sharks are divine, just as all creatures are - let help the sharks.

Sharks maybe attack 100 people a year, while we are killing 60-100 million of them... the numbers are staggering!

Help save the sharks...

Shark Friends

The Horrors of Shark Finning

I don't know how familiar everyone is with the shark finning, but they cut off their dorsal fins, while they are still alive, and throw them back in, die.

They can't swim without that fin, so they eventually drown.

They use the shark cartilage in soup that is extremely expensive, for aid for people with back problems, and they are used in some ceremonial, or they are held sacred by some Hawaiian tribes(?)

The thing is... there are many species of Shark endangered because of this practice. The photos of the hammerhead, really bother me. These creatures may not be cute and cuddly, like many of our other animals, but they are ancient creatures and necessary.

I have searched a bit and found some info that says there was some positive legistative action taken 1999-2000, but I'm not sure of the current status. Here are some sites I found, if you care to take a look. Some of them have pictures, so if you are sensitive, you may not want to look at them.

Stop Shark Finning

Alert Page - this page is an alert site and has an area you can write your opinion. HELP THE SHARKS

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