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KANGAROO - Extra Information
© Ann Williams-Fitzgerald 1999
(Red Kangaroo)
Abundance; Family

The Key words for Kangaroo are: Abundance, Family, Never-ending, Fire, Universal Love and Universal Law.

The Kangaroo is card number 44 in the deck and this is left as a Master Number of 44 and not broken down, 44 brings the metamorphosis and continued change. The concepts of impetus and catalytic motion are reflected in this vibration of forty-four. Brings about both an acceleration and ease of the reformation of self.

Kangaroo is the Auz Astrology sign for Aries the Ram. The Planet of Mars is of importance to all ‘Big Reds’.

Kangaroo has the rune symbol of ‘Ehwaz’ bringing in shifting attitudes and causing changes to improve the situations around you at the moment. This is the rune of movement and transition of physical shifts. You may be shifting into new dwelling places both physical and spiritual. It brings a bettering of any situation. This rune brings steady progress and reminds you to share with those around you. The key words for Kangaroo’s are Abundance and Family. Treat all as family because we all are the ‘family of man’ and need to share with each other. What we do to others we do to our selves. The main colour of this card is an orangish-yellow to remind you to work through your 2nd and 3rd chakras. Those are the chakras of acceptance and emotional release. The hidden symbol that can just be seen in front of our Kangaroo is the symbol for PURE LOVE to remind us to give of ourselves totally without thought to our gains. Kangaroo’s share their abundance with others.

The crystal of Kangaroo is Diamond and it reminds you of the purity of the Diamond. Diamond being the symbol of pure love and commitment to Mother Earth and Mankind.

The Medicine

The medicine of Kangaroo is Abundance and family. The kangaroo or Great Foot has an abundance of speed making his flight quick. The great feet with highly developed tendons allow energy efficient long distance travel. The Kangaroo mostly brings the medicine of abundance because of its self-supporting attitude. Kangaroo sets down a intuitive path for its young to follow thereby ensuring its growth. Kangaroo has an natural nurturing tendency supporting and fostering and encouraging its young. Kangaroo has a strong sense of family togetherness.

The Shadow Side

Be very aware that you do not allow selfishness to enter into your way of thinking.

The Crystal – Diamond

Diamond bring trust into your relationships. It will stimulate unity and love of self and others.

The Message

If Kangaroo has bounded your way, ’Spirit’ is telling you that Kangaroo has hopped into your life to remind you to share the abundance of your gifts. What is given shall be returned abundantly to you tenfold. So give of yourself and to yourself. Remember to receive, we only need to give!


I am giving

Kangaroo has a message for you

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