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Dove Medicine

Peace Dove

Feminie Energies of Peace; Maternity and Prophecy

The Wisdom

The wisdom of Dove's Cycle of Power is Dawn and Dusk. The dove has a tremendous wealth of lore and legend surrounding it. Most of it centres on all the traditional feminine and mother symbols. In the Greek tradition, Aphrodite was born from an egg brooded by a dove. A dove founded the Oracles of Dodona, which Alexander sought. To the slaves, the soul would become a dove at death. To the Alchemist, it was a symbol of sublimation. To the Christians, it is a symbol of peace. Because of its association with many goddesses (including Astarte and Isis), it was considered the embodiment of the maternal instinct. To the Pueblo Indians, it was also honoured. Its feathers were often worn and used in prayer sticks. The mournful song of the dove was considered an invocation to water and an indication to men where the water could be found. Its song would signify waterholes or springs to which the dove must return at dusk to drink. The song of the dove speaks to all that hear it. Its mournful tones stir the emotions or the internal waters. The dove is actually a smaller copy of the now-extinct passenger pigeon. A study of its qualities will help you in understanding the significance of the dove in your own life. The dove is also a ground feeder, reflective of keeping contact with Mother Earth and the creative possibilities of the feminine energies on earth. Its diet is mostly seeds, but it will eat stones that accumulate in the gizzard to help with digestion. Those with a dove as a Spirit Guide will find that eating bulk will help in their own digestive and creative process. The brood of the dove consists of two eggs. Two is a traditional number for the feminie and creative energies. A study of numerology, as applied to doves, will also add insight for you. One of the most distinctive characteristics of the dove is its song.

The Shadow Side

Where has your song gone? You do not voice your opinions enough; you allow others to speak for you.

The Crystal – Sunstone

Sunstone will assist you to move forward and removes the feeling of being limited in your potential. Will help you speak up for yourself.

The Message

If Dove has sung to you today ‘Spirit’ is reminding your that the voice of the dove is the rain song. Out of its mourning, it invokes new waters of life. Its song should remind us that no matter what our life condition; new waters and new life are still possible. The Earth is a female planet and this should remind us that creation and new birth is available to all of us upon it. Even though you can hear the song of the dove at all times during the day, it seems more distinct at dawn and dusk. These are the between times - a time in which there is a thinning of the veils between the physical and the spiritual, the past and the future. The dove can help you to use these times to see the creation process active within your own life. The song of this Spirit Guide tells you to mourn what has passed but awakens to the promise of tomorrow. It is a bird of prophecy and can help you to see what you can give birth to in your life.


It is safe to express myself

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The Wisdom and Message given here on Dove are excerpts from
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