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Water Element





The Minor Arcana

While the Major Arcana express universal themes, the Minor Arcana bring those themes down into the practical arena to show how they operate in daily events. The Minor Arcana cards represent the concerns, activities and emotions that make up the dramas of our everyday lives.

There are 56 cards in the Minor Arcana divided into four suits: Wands, Cups, Swords and Pentacles. Each of these suits stands for a particular approach to life. For the purpose of the Australian Animal Tarot Deck the four suits we will be working with are Water (Blue - Emotional), Earth (Green - Mental), Fire (Red - Physical) & Air (Yellow - Material)

WATER - Blue (Cups) - Emotional

shape = heart

The Water (Blue) is the suit of emotions and spiritual experience. It describes inner states, feelings and relationship patterns. The energy of this suit flows inward. Cups correspond to the Yin, or feminine principle in Chinese philosophy and are associated with the element Water. The ability of water to flow and fill up spaces, to sustain and to reflect changing moods makes it the ideal symbol of this suit of the emotions.

Ace 1. DOLPHIN (Bottle-nosed) ~ Essence; Beginning; Chi

New relationship - love affair, unconditional love. A ring.

Dolphin opens new creative dimensions, curiosity, trust playfulness, breath and water needed for life, teaches how to be free, maneuverability, wisdom, harmony with surroundings, needs balancing, shows proper use of sounds and prayers, communication abilities, teaches trust and shows the power of rhythm and emotions may need some fresh air to release tensions, newness and joy. Are you calling to bring forth your wants and desires? Are you voicing and expressing your creative self? What are your words, thoughts and actions creating? Dolphin reminds us to balance work and play and let loose of tensions.

If Dolphin has frolicked his way into your life, 'Spirit' is advising you to get in contact with your inner self, your true essence of being. Dolphin reminds you to respond to the Universal flow. Allow yourself to remember your beginnings, acknowledge that, as the Universe is within you, so you are also within it. For everything is made of Universal Energy. We are all energy as is everything around us. So be aware that as you do to something or someone else, so it is done to you. Remember today what you send out will come back tenfold. Do you want to receive what you sent out!. Bring yourself back to a state of Unconditional Love and gentleness in all your dealings.

The ace of cups represents a raw force of emotion. It is up to the seeker to channel this energy into a relationship or some other creative venture. This card can also represent spirituality. It suggests allowing emotions to guide you and trust your feelings. A new love affair is on the way for the single person. Someone who is involved, expect a passionate renewal. This is a card of renewal for all things. Love in the purest sense. Pregnancy and birth. Following a higher calling. Divine intervention.

Reverse - Loss of hop. Tiredness. Loneliness. Disappointment in love. Emotional instability. Barrenness. Stuck in an emotional rut. Sterility. Unrequited love. Clouded joy. Depression, feeling unwanted / need for balance.

2. SEAL (Australian Fur Seal) ~ Adaptation; Contentment; Environment

Romance and partnership. Passion and contentment - happy environment. Seals are more at home in the water, does not have external ears just small openings. This lends to hearing and balance of paying attention to the inner voice. Association with water which is the creative, feminine, imaginative. Helps the inner creative imagination and inspiration balance with outer realities. Movement, playful, busy, one needs balance.

If Seal has popped up your way, 'Spirit' is asking you to acknowledge and be thankful for your surroundings. You enjoy life, you are contented and you have the unique ability to be adaptable to any environment you are placed in and so have the ability to turn any 'house into a home'. What a truly wonderful gift that is!

The Two of Cups represents harmony and balance in a relationship, or the hopeful stages of a new union. If the seeker is in a conflict, he or she should look for a truce for this is a time to connect. Partnerships, especially friendship and companionship. Dating and other social activities balance your life. Settle minor disputes and differences. Before you enter a relationship, you need to be clear about your wants and needs. An engagement or marriage.

Reverse - An empty relationship. An incompatible combination. Fight. False promise. Betrayed confidence. Separation/divorce. Misunderstanding.

10. MANTA RAY (Devil Fish)~ Ebb & Flow

Love & Happiness - Good family. Flow with the universe.

If Manta Ray has glided into your life today, 'Spirit' is reminding you to go with the flow of life - you can afford to glide along. There is no longer a need to thrash about but instead sit still and wait, that very thing you need will gently float on up to you. But remember what you 'want' and what you 'need' are two very different things.

Manta rays show how to maneuver with grace, style and elegance in the watery depths of emotions. Manta ray will teach the importance of undulating and persistent movements in life. He will demonstrate the importance of regularly cleaning and cleanliness; to clear and maintain the clutter at home and work, to clean, balance and center your emotional and spiritual beingness. Manta rays teach the art of camouflage and blending in. Are you acclimating to your surroundings? His adaptation abilities will aid in transitions. This is also a time to drink plenty of fresh water and pay attention to salt and overall food intake. Manta ray will show the balance of nutritional needs. Are you being too defensive or not being defensive enough? Have you started a new endeavor recently? He shows that in 2-4 months ideas will come to fruition and be alive with possibilities. Manta ray shows that movements in life must be balanced with sharp action and graceful tenacity.

The Ten of Cups represents joy, peace and harmony in relationships; the seeker is in a stable and happy relationship. This is a time of abundant blessings. Joy in personal relationships. Permanent, enduring success and complete happiness. You are emotionally balanced. Domestic bliss. Gaining the respect of one's community.

Reverse - Problems at home. Family feuds. Loss of patience. Antisocial behaviour. Disappointment in social standing. Loss of friendship. Unhappiness. Rage. Difference of opinion

King 14.SEA DRAGON ~ Fatherhood; Masculine Energy

A bachelor who likes freedom. Fair eyed man professional man. Kind and considerate. An Aquarian energy.
It is a time for gentle movements. Consider your day-to-day actions, are they rushed and fidgety? Do you rush your shower or bath? Do you rush your meals? Are you a quick walker and talker? Sea dragon quietly urges you to foster gentle movements. Consciously slow your walking, become more aware of your body and find ways for it to move which are both slow and comfortable for you. Sea dragon also teaches us - particularly those who identify as father figures - how to be gently masculine, or how to search out what it means to be a 'gentle father.'

Sea dragon is a gentle and caring father, and imparts wisdom to those who wish to know how to accept and embrace aspects of fatherhood. Sea dragon can indicate a protective father figure is in your life at this time, assisting you, or that a protective father figure may be coming into your life soon. Alternatively, you may find that you are more protective towards yourself.

He's a spiritual person and/or leader, a great listener/psychologist type person who can be relied on for guidance. His profession reflects his nurturing aspects and compassion. His home is important to him. He is not a person who is all about the money; it is more important that he enjoys his work. He is somewhat of a romantic. He tends to rely too much on his feelings. He can be a man of mystery. Linked with water (Pisces, Cancer or Scorpio).

Reversed - Dubious dealings. Illness. Injustice. A selfish man who lacks a sense of responsibility. Artistic temperament. Double-dealing. Scandal. Crafty person without values.

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