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(Green Turtle)
Mother Earth; Healing Knowledge

© Ann Williams-Fitzgerald 1999

The Medicine

The medicine of Turtle is Mother Earth and Healing Knowledge. The large Green Turtle is the symbol of Earth Mother, because she carries her home on her back. We should be reminded to be more connected with the Mother Earth because the Earth is our home and Mother. This gentle creature is recognized for its acknowledgment of the delicate balance between ocean and earth, and reminds us of the importance of respecting both. Without the health of the ocean and earth Turtle would cease to exist, as would humanity.
The medicine of Turtle is also a reminder for ourselves to be very grounded. The Earth is where we come from and to where we shall return.

The Shadow Side

You are not honouring from where you come from. You give no thoughts to your pollution of Mother Earth.

The Crystal - Smokey Quartz

Smokey Quartz will bring in a balance of Heaven and Earth and will keep you grounded, so you will not feel so airy fairy .

The Message

If Turtle has swam your way, you are being asked by ‘Spirit’ to go outside, get amongst nature, feel your connection to your Earth Mother and embrace the oneness of it all. You are being encouraged to ground yourself fully and show respect for the Mother. She gives us all our healing knowledge and asks only that we heal ourselves, for as we are healed so she shall be healed. For as the trinity of Spirit is reflected in the Turtle number (30) thirty, we take a moment to recognize and resonate with the knowing:- As above, so below and within. So be it and it is so.


As above, so below and within

Turtle has a message for you


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