St. Briavels VA hospital

The Ghyll House at St. Briavels in the Forest of Dean, then brand new and unoccupied, was loaned to the Red Cross by its owner, Mr Lamb. It was considered an ideal convalescent hospital because of its elevated position and beautiful views over the Severn and Wye valleys. Gloucestershire Red Cross Hospitals 1914-1919
GLOS. 104

not included in final reports: this info is from The Red Cross in Gloucestershire 1915 yearbook

Date of opening—March 17th 1915

No. of beds










STAFF (1915)

Commandant: Mrs Palin

Medical Officer: Dr R. Moyle

Lady Superintendent: Sister Simms

Quartermaster: Miss Edith Hollis

General Duty : Miss E. M. Griffiths, Miss M. Davis, Miss Ashley-Ewer, Mrs A. Vick, Miss M. Whittington, Mrs S. A. Coates, Miss L. Whittington, Mrs E. Moyle, Mrs Averill, Mrs C. Thompson

Probationers and helpers: Miss G. Livesey, Hon. E. Lopes

Cooks: Miss R. Radclyffe, Miss C. Matthews


Gloucestershire Red Cross Hospitals 1914-1919