Copse Hill VA hospital


Located at Lower Slaughter near Bourton-on-the-Water, Copse Hill House was the private home of Captain Brassey and was loaned to the Red Cross for use as a convalescent home, or "Class B" hospital. It mostly admitted patients who had been treated at the various Cheltenham VA hospitals. Gloucestershire Red Cross Hospitals 1914-1919
GLOS. 52

not included in final reports: this info is from The Red Cross in Gloucestershire 1915 yearbook

Date of opening—May 7th 1915

No. of beds










STAFF (1915)

Commandant: Miss Agnes Witts

Medical Officer: Dr Moore

Lady Superintendent: Miss Bagnall-Oakley

Trained Nurse : Sister D'Arcy

Quartermaster: Mrs Willes

General Duty : Miss Hawcutt, Miss B. Moore, Miss Thomas, Miss Williams, Miss Collett, Miss East, Mrs Simpson Hayward, Miss Groves, Mrs Hedges

Probationers and helpers: Miss Buckle, Miss Harmer

Cooks: Miss Harris, Miss Hamilton Cox, Miss Curling


Gloucestershire Red Cross Hospitals 1914-1919